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Mercenaries: Colbie Sterling, Captain of the Bri

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Apr 18 2017

A new mechanic to fit your mercenary arsenal. Check out Colbie and her repair abilities.

Who is She?

Colbie Sterling, Captain of the Bri cost 3 points and will work for Cygnar, Khador and Menoth. She has some better of defensive stats then most of the mercenary mechanics. She can also has a useful drive. Check her out if your faction mechanics are not up to snuff.

What Does Colbie Sterling Do?

Colbie is not to shabby in the defensive department at DEF14 ARM13. She also has average combat and SPD with 6s across the board.

Slug Gun at RNG4 POW14 this won’t win you much in the ranged war but, she can use it in melee so can clear off higher armor infantry.
Wrench at RNG .5 and POW9 won’t do anything to heavier armor models but, not bad for single wound jam model clearing.

Colbie is jam packed with Special rules at her 3 point cost.

  • Gunfighter: That slug gun can get work done.
  • Jack Marshal: If you wanted a cheap way to sneak a merc jack into your list she is the way to do it.
  • Dodge: Her defense is high enough that she might actually live through a missed attack.
  • Drive: Reposition 3″ is pretty useful ability on jacks.
  • Repair: d3+1 she can get at least 2 systems up and working on anything.

Lists That Might Sneak Colbie in Might be Hard to Come By?

Colbie is really in a tough field of competition. Mercs/Minions have quite a few mechanics. While they aren’t all jack Marshals they do mainly do 1 thing and that is REPAIR. As of today there is little value of taking a merc jack marshal. Since jack marshaled jacks really need some kind of focus solo to make them really effective and mercenaries don’t have any currently it leaves little reason to jack marshal a merc jack.
So that leaves Colbie with just some decent solo stats and the ability to repair. Cygnar has arguably the best mechanic in the game in Arlan and an annoying mechanic unit for just a couple more points. Khador has access to a few mechanics in faction. Protectorate has the cheapest mechanic in the field at 1 point.
And that is just faction specific mechanics. Throw in the merc/minion competition and were really having a hard time seeing the value. Tinker is pretty similar to Colbie in the defense department and also comes with a gun but, is also a whole point cheaper. Raluk Moorclaw is also a jack marshal and is pretty tanky if he can base a friendly faction jack. He does cost a point more but, is probably worth the investment if you want a beefcake mechanic.
And the other 3 point mechanic is Dirty Meg, she doesn’t repair out of faction but she is privateer and can get those benefits from that.

Revenant’s Final Thought:

Colbie is kind of beat stick solo because of the gunfight slug gun and decent defensive stats. However, she is outclassed in her role till jack marshaling mercs becomes more lucrative with a focus granting solo. In a field full of mechanics it is hard to justify taking her over the cheap Tinker or the more beefy Raluk Moorclaw.

My final grade on this cool model ins unfortunately C-


Author: Revenant
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