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X-Wing: T-70 Triple Threat

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Apr 25 2017

The T-70 X-Wing is a great ship for pilots of all skills – but let’s see if we can teach this old dog some new tricks.

Earlier this month I was talking up the new card “Snap Shot” – I’m really liking what this card can do for old ships. And, it being called Snap Shot, I couldn’t help but think of “Snap” Wexley:

“Yeah, Two-Snaps for the price of one (ship)!”

This by itself actually works pretty well. Snap’s ability allows him to jet into position and take advantage of that “free” snap shot. It’s not bad – but that got me looking closer at the T-70 pilots and who else could be a good fit. That’s when I came across our old buddy Nien Nunb:

“What does Snap Shot have to do with Nien?” Well, if a ship is in range Snap Shot that means it’s also in range of his ability and he can ditch stress! “…and?” Well it’s perfect! Don’t you see?! “You lost me…especially with this whole talking to yourself thing you got going on…” Oh, good point internet – I suppose I should explain. It has to do with a little droid that is so full of stress he just has to share it with everyone:


Now you see where I’m going with this? If an enemy ship gets within range 1, it’s going to have a HARD time getting away. Basically, Nien will pile on the stress at range 1 and if the timing is right, he’s going to cause them to take a Snap Shot AND a stress so they lose their action for that turn, too! All the while, he’s not taking ANY back. That’s the Nunb for ya – what a giver.

Personally, I’m also a big fan of Ello Asty. I’ve been messing around with a few builds for him and I find Ello and Nein to be a good pair because they are both PS 7. His ability allows him to really stay on top of folks who like to K-turn. And you know who you are Countess

Anyhow, I was throwing together a list and I actually dropped Snap Wexley altogether. Which is funny because he’s the reason I started down this rabbit hole to begin with…Who did I swap him out with? Well, arguably one of the best Wingmen in the game – Jess Pava.


She can be my Wingman anytime?

I really like running Jess because she’s an excellent blocker and if you ignore her she shows up next to a friendly ship and packs a mean punch. M9-G8 is pretty much an auto include with her too.

Toss a Lock on Nien and he’s re-rolling a die on those Snap Shots – oh it’s legal check the FAQ. Anyhow, feel free to sprinkle other upgrades as needed. This is a list that’s pretty malleable but I would like to give you one piece of advice: Flying T-70’s isn’t the easiest, but it’s one of the most rewarding. It’s a solid fighter all around and it’s a fantastic ship to learn to fly with.

The List

T-70 Triple Threat – 100 points

Ello Asty – T-70 X-Wing – 36 points

  • R2 Astromech
  • Predator
  • Autothrusters

Nien Nunb – T-70 X-Wing – 34 Points

  • R3-A2
  • Primed Thrusters
  • Snap Shot
  • Intergrated Astromech

Jess Pava – T-70 X-Wing – 30 Points

  • M9-G8
  • Autothrusters

Running the list is a little tricky because you have to read your opponent. In the games I’ve played, my opponents tended to go after one of the PS 7 ships first. When that happened I was able to sneak in with Jess and offer some support and the other PS 7 pilot was able to get into position and cause some havoc. Ello is great vs Swarms because of Predator – he was shreding TIEs and those white Talon rolls… Nien was a BOSS for locking down a “Whisper” one game. And Jess always did her thing and was a closer on more than one ship.

T-70’s really reward player skill and I like flying them a lot. I’m not the best pilot so when I DO get them flying circles around my opponent I get pretty excited. I’ve been liking this list just because I get to run 3 of them and, while it does have a couple gimmicks, it doesn’t fly like a one-trick pony. So give it a shot and see what you think!


What’s a ship you like to fly that rewards player skill over a silly gimmick?


Author: Adam Harrison
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