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40K: 8th Edition Datasheet Preview

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May 11 2017

Games Workshop is back with another preview and this time it’s all about the Datasheets for 8th Edition!

Yesterday GW showed off some more weapons and special rules. Today, we are getting a good look at a typical Datasheet and how those will work moving forward. Get ready for some big change ahead – this preview is for the Rubric Marines!

via Warhammer Community

Read the full Breakdown from Games Workshop HERE

There are a bunch of pretty big changes but the first (and probably most obvious) is that Universal Special Rules are GONE.

“Universal special rules are out, so any time a unit acts differently to what its stats might indicate, the rules for how will be in here. The bulk of these rules will be written in full, but there might occasionally be an army-wide or very common rule for a given faction that isn’t (like the Death to the False Emperor rule you can see above). These will always be in that same publication, though, to make finding it easy.”

Starting from the top, we see the familiar Troop Icon on the top left. Also noted in the article is that the Rubric Marines can be taken as an Elite Choice in a more general CSM list.

Next to that we see a new “Power Level” score (which they will go over in more detail in a future update). This Power Level is used as a quick measure for balancing forces in a less competitive environment. And don’t worry – points are NOT going away so put the pitchforks down for now and don’t worry about that for now. All will be revealed in time.


Next up, we get a look at their unit profile – this is pretty much the stat line we’d expect for a unit that is similar to the typical Tactical Marine. Plus we get a look at the Aspiring Sorcerer which is equivalent to a Sgt. for the squad. Again, stat wise, not that different – it’s all in the special rules…

Below that we get a teaser about expanding the squad using the Power Level. No details on points however. And we get some basics about their wargear. Then it’s on to the weapons:

I wanted to take a moment and really look at some of these weapons. This is the first time we’ve gotten a propper look at some of the Melee Weapons as well. Note that all of the Rubric Marines Shots are at least AP -2. That’s BRUTAL!  The Soulreaper Cannon looks to be another favorite as well. 4 shots, str 5, AP -3. OUCH! And they won’t have to worry about that -1 to hit when moving and shooting – more on that below.

The Melee Weapons are bringing the pain. They certainly seem to have a good mix of stats to make each option unique and distinct. Axes appear to be the most general while swords are better for cutting through armor and staves will boost your strength more. Decisions, decisions…


Next up we take a look at the rest of the Wargear options. Naturally, the squad will have the ability to swap guns around. It doesn’t look like this will impact their “Power Level” – but GW mentioned during the Q&A at Adepticon that points were still in the game and you’ll most likely need to pay for these changes.

Now we get to the Abilities section. This is probably the area that folks should get the most excited about. As mentioned above, USRs are GONE. Everything you need to know will be on the unit’s data sheet or in the same publication. No need to carry tons of books around when you are going to game night. Personally, this is by far my favorite change:

Pskers are up next. Now, this is a tease because we don’t know what other powers are available. It’s a safe bet to assume there will be more options in their respective publications when those arrive. But for now we get a look at the “Generic” Smite power. It’s interesting that the Aspiring Sorcerer is basically a Mastery Level 1 psyker and their Smite power is toned down. I shall call him “Mini-Smite” and he will Smite minimally.

Last on the sheet we get to the Faction Keywords and the other Keywords. I’ll let GW explain:

“The first, faction keywords, are what you use when selecting your detachments for a Battle-forged army, and often trigger in-game effects regarding what units gain benefits from certain Characters or can travel in specific Transports.

Other keywords are not involved in selecting an army, and usually have more general battlefield effects – for example, perhaps only Infantry can gain the full benefit of certain types of cover.”

Well there you have it! Our first look at the new style Datasheets. The big take-aways from a high level view:

  • No more USRs!
  • All the rules specific to the unit will be on the sheet or in their publication for ease of use
  • Power Levels are on the sheet, but points are not (but points are located elsewhere)
  • Points are NOT going away
  • Invulnerable Saves are not going away
  • Faction Keywords and Other Keywords on each datasheet


There is a lot to stew over – what do you think of these new Datasheets? Are you excited about what’s in store for 8th Edition?

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