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40K 8th: List Building 101

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May 30 2017

Games Workshop is back with a list building example for 8th edition – it’s time to look at how the Eldar’s Dark Kin are going to roll out in 8th!

Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition is going to be a new ball game for a lot of folks. We’ve seen a ton of the rules and points leaks and players everywhere are already formulating how they think their lists are going to look by the end of June. Well now Games Workshop is showing off a Dark Eldar army list at 1000 points and they have some pretty good tips for players of all skill levels.

via Warhammer Community

“Choosing an army in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 can be as simple or as easy as you like. At the most basic level, you can just put whatever models you have in your collection on the table and get rolling – this is the very essence of open play.

For a little more balance and structure, you can use Power Levels. These can be found on the datasheets of every unit and give a rough approximation of its relative effectiveness. Power Levels are ideal for narrative play and allow you to very quickly work out which force is more powerful so you can either add or take away a few units to balance it or play a mission that calls for forces of different sizes (like a siege or a glorious last stand).

The final mechanism for selecting an army is to use points, most commonly associated with matched play. These will be familiar to anyone who plays the game today and are designed to balance your force for use in the 12 Eternal War and Maelstrom of War missions.

The best way to show this is with a quick example. We’ve used a Drukhariforce, lead by an Archon (classic).”





Read The Full Breakdown HERE

A few things to note – vehicle costs are much higher (in some cases at least) to what they were in the previous edition. Why? Well, they are tougher to kill and have a lot of rules to justify the new points cost. You’ll also want to take notes on how the squads have a lot of mixed weapons now. Why would you do that? Because units can split fire – you can take an Anti-Tank weapon in your units with Anti-Infantry now and they both just as effective. The option to spread your killing power around means you don’t need to take as many dedicated/specialized units you previously needed.


That’s the theory anyways. You might still run into entire forces composed of Flying Monstrous Tyranids, Dreadnoughts, or an all mounted Speed Freak Ork army – those armies can still be built in the new edition! But that’s part of the fun if list-building, right?


Based on the points and rules that we’ve seen so far – how is your personal army going to change up for 8th edition? Any formerly terrible units you are thinking of adding? Any “go-to” units that might see some shelf time?

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