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40K: Top 5 Melee Units Worth Rooting For

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May 20 2017

7th beat-up Melee units pretty hard – Here are 5 units we want to see make a comeback…or just show up!

It’s hard to argue that Close-Combat took a pretty big back seat in 7th Edition. From the sound of things in the Q&A Melee units just might have a chance at doing quite a number on the enemy this time around – if they can get there. And while the CC weapon teaser was pretty light on “new” weapons it still got us here at BoLS thinking about units we’d love to see again (or for the first time in some cases). Here are our picks in no particular order.

Mutilators & Possessed


“Hey, you cheated! There are two units for this entry!” Yep. It’s Chaos I tell ya.

Let’s be honest, there are a slew of CSM melee units that deserve to be on this list. Khorne Berzerkers need new sculpts, Warp Talons were pretty much DOA, and what’s a Maulerfiend? Still, when it comes to “Units so bad, they are bad” these two take the ugly cake. I’ve never met a chaos player that willing took a unit of Mutilators. I don’t think that a painted unit exists in the wilds!

But when it comes to them and their Possessed cousins, I just couldn’t decide. Rules wise, they each have more than a few short comings. Here’s hoping they get some cool new rules that will help them out.

Blood Angels Death Company


Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s up with this ‘Bolter’ Business!

Yeah – what is up with this Bolter non-sense. I thought Death Company were supposed to be all roided out with the Black Rage?! They ain’t got time to bleed, much less shoot things! I don’t know a Blood Angels player that willingly gave them Bolters. No, most of the time they were loaded-up with Power Weapons and would tear things to shreds. That’s what I want them to be able to do in 8th, but hopefully with some more consistency. Yeah, I’ve had them tear up a unit or two – but then what always happens would happen. Bullets. I can’t wait for the return of “Sweeping Advance”…

Ork Boyz

Ork Boyz, how they are SUPPOSED to look. Note the lack of shootas.

Where are my Ork Boyz at!? I’m tired of seeing Ork Shoota Boyz – I want some close combat Boyz to take to the table! Can I get a “WAAAGH!-men?!”

Hopefully with the changes to pistols, open-topped vehicles (aka Trukks) and what ever special rules they get, we’ll see the return of “Good Proppa Ork Boyz” again. I thought they liked to get into a slugging match! Where have all the punchy orks gone? C’mon 8th. #bringbackboyz

Genestealer Brood (Tyranids)

From the Tyranid side of the house – not GSC…

When the Genestealer Cult dropped, I was pretty excited! As a ‘Nid player, I welcome our long-lost cousins back to the game. At the same time, it was a pretty bitter pill to swallow to see that the “Purestrain” Genestealers in GCS would pretty much show-up “plain old” Codex Tyranid Genestealers. That’s pretty messed-up! Think about it, the Purestrains get to live on a planet and get treated like mini-gods and get worshiped by the populace. Their space fairing cousins? They are in SPACE – it’s like rough to live out there!


No way should GSC “Purestrain” ‘Stealers be any better than Tyranid Genestealers. Planet life makes them soft – it’s only in the bleak darkness of space where the ‘Nids find strength! Too much biomass makes you fat. That’s just science.

Anyhow, I’m hoping we see the return of Genestealers are a premier Close Combat unit. Genestealers used to strike fear in the hearts of everyone when they were on the board, but it 7th – they ARE a laughing stock. You could hide in a bush with a flamer and no ‘Stealer would come near you. Pathetic. Can we bring the scare factor back, please!?

Striking Scorpions & Banshees

“Hey – you cheated! Again! That’s another two-fer!” Yep. Those tricky Eldar…what can you do!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a distinct lack of those specialized CC units from the Eldar. At least in the “Infantry” department (do Wraithknights stomping around count – NO). Banshees and Scorpions represented two sides of the Eldar Close Combat philophsy that never got used in 7th. Scorpions were supposed to be the heavier armored, metal gauntlet to the Banshee’s nimble, swift striking finesse attacks. What the heck happened?

What ever GW does, I really hope they have taken a good look at BOTH of these units in 8th and have made them worth taking. I’d really like to see them make a comeback. Just because I’m sitting a few units of 10 each has nothing to do with that fact. I swear. Really!

Bonus: Vespids

Are these guys even a Close Combat unit?

Pfft, like I’m going to root for Tau to get a good Melee unit.

The feeling is mutual.


What Close Combat unit(s) are you hoping make a comeback (or show-up at all) in 8th? What’s wrong with them now and how would you fix them?

Editor’s Note: AdamHarry had to choose between picking a Dark Eldar unit and making fun of the Tau. We support his choice.

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