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40K 8th: First Tourney Results are In

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Jun 28 2017

The first tournament of 8th Edition has ended and it has some illuminating results:

Blood of Kittens is on the case and has a lot to say about the Boise Cup GT, 8th Editions first formal GT.

“The Boise Cup GT had 38 players showcasing a host of different armies, with only one duplicate faction in the Top 10. The results also saw a few familiar ITC faces on top, showing us so far that skill does travel through editions.”

The Top 3 Lists

Now Tasty has his own thoughts about what this means for 40K and you should head on over and read more.

What it Means

Looking at these lists is a like giant breath of fresh air. There is almost zero resemblance to what was dominating 7th Edition. Look at what’s in there:

Tactical Marines – HOLY MOLY! Not one but two of the top 3 lists features multiple squads of Tactical Sapce Marines, running around on foot, gunning things down.


Flyers – I think GW badly erred with the feel of flyers in 7th, but they feel more natural and at home in 8th.  Their combination of extremely high mobility, relative cheapness and firepower will make them more popular (and fair) in 8th.

Harlequins & Hemlocks – Seriously a list that would have been laughed off the table in 7th is going the distance in 8th. This is testament to the designers going the extra mile to fix the underpowered units and factions in the game.

Razorbacks & Predators – GW again is giving even venerable kits many thought obsolete like these new life. If you haven’t taken a close look at the Predator in 8th – you should it’s the potent budget medium tank it always should have been. Heck we’ve been using Whirlwinds with good effect over on our Twitch channel.

Honorable Mention – Culexis Assassin – An irritant on the tabletop, and like a buzzing mosquito just enough of a problem to just make you leave the area waving your hands in the air.



~What do you think of the lists and how they compare to 7th Edition?




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