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40K:8th Limited Edition Unveiled

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Jun 2 2017

There is a gorgeous new Limited Edition of 40k’s 8th Edition is coming for all the uber-collectors out there. Take a look.

Two Limited Editions products are available:

Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Limited Edition

Limited run of 2000

Dark Imperium Novel Limited Edition

Limited run of 1000, signed by the author (Guy Haley)

Includes exclusive short story, ‘In the Grim Darkness’.

“368-page hardback book with a soft-touch cover and leather-wrapped spine, with both gold foiling and artwork from the new game. The pages are gilt-edged, and the book includes two marker ribbons in black and gold – so it looks and feels like an artefact from the 41st Millennium.


Plot sees Roboute Guilliman leading his Indomitus Crusade across the galaxy, bringing him back to Ultramar, where the pustulent Death Guard are laying siege to the Five Hundred Worlds. “


~Any guesses on the price?

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