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40K:GW Sculptors Talk Death Guard Mini Design

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Jun 6 2017


Sit down with GW’s Aly and Maxine to talk shop on Warhammer 40,000’s new Primaris and Death Guard minis.

Key Design Takeaways

  • Death Guard based on John Blanche artwork.
  • Poxwalkers are based on “standard Imperial citizens” in design.
  • Lord of Contagion, inspired by the Lord of Plagues miniature from Warhammer Fantasy.
  • Each Poxwalker is a mini vignette, designed to tell a story.
  • Death Guard posing is representing a squad going into action, not merely standing around.

Onto the Rules…

Key Design Takeaways

  • Design was designed to keep the depth and granularity of 40K.
  • More accessible to new players than the old ruleset.
  • Unified rules structure that can handle anything from a grot to a Warlord titan.
  • Support multiple styles of play from casual to competitive.
  • Putting the rules you need to play in front of the player when they need them – datasheets.
  • Power Level ratings reflects the “average” power level of a unit between it’s minimum and maximum equipment options.
  • Keywords are designed to both allow desired rules synergies while restricting unwanted rules combos in one elegant package.
  • Command Points give the player some strategy options to give them a feel of command outside of their models.

Look for more of these in the days ahead.

~ Wha’t your favorite Death Guard mini?



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