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Mortarion Sighted in White Dwarf

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Jun 17 2017

One White Dwarf reader spied a Deamon Primarch with his sharp eye…

Back at Adepticon, GW pulled the covers off the Death Guard with a slideshow that blew everyone’s socks off.  It ended with this enigmatic image up above.

With Magnus the Red sporting his sexy nipple-horned new mini, and a lot of mention and dialogue in Gathering Storm we knew that either Fulgrim or Mortarion would follow.

July’s White Dwarf

This month’s white dwarf features one of GW famous “grand battle” spreads of artwork to kick off 8th Edition officially.

It’s that fantastic art style we’ve all grown to expect from GW. You can bet this one will get reused in some codex or campaign book to come. In general, GW uses these things to feature current or soon to be released models.  You will remember that Gathering Storm had spreads like these that featured all the big minis/characters from there like St. Celestine, Cawl, Yvraine, and Guilliman. Remember this:

Celestine to the rescue!



Sharp eyed reader Nick C was poring over his White Dwarf when he noticed something floating high above the Primaris Marines and Death Guard – maybe MORTARION!

  • Daemonic Wings – CHECK
  • Nurgle Iconography – CHECK
  • Death Guard colors – CHECK
  • Chains & censors – CHECK
  • Monster Scythe – CHECK

I’m calling it – it’s Morty!

Which means I would expect him to be flying in to corrupt your tabletop sooner than later.  Of late – GW doesn’t drop artwork like this for distant releases. Mortarion is close.

~I’ll let you all wager on what his MSRP will be.



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