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40K 8th: Making You Buy More

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Jul 08

8th Edition is here here and my desire to grow all my armies is growing – how about you?

Hello 3rd Edition – I remember you.


The Normal New Edition Cycle

I’ve been through a lot of edition changes. Normally it goes something like this.

1. New Edition Rumors-Hype build up.

2. New Edition rulebook/box set hits and gets snapped up.

3. My armies get reorganized, some additions are made.

4. the standard rolling meta cycle continues.


What’s Different This Time

Normally phase 3 will involve me taking an inventory of each army. I will reorganize them to keep them legal, do some weapon swaps and maybe buy a unit or two to bring them “up to snuff”. then each army will remain statuc until its codex comes out and the cycle is repeated, with an emphasis on the new kits.

But 8th is throwing all of that out the window!

Yes I’m proceeding through Step 3 with all my armies. but suddenly I’m filled with a desire to expand the armies to get lots of kits I don’t own.  From things like ancient kits “I wonder what 3 Predators would do for the army” to a lot of the big kits that were rarely used in 7th like Lords of Skulls or Necron Obelisks… I want to bring more and more coolness and variety into the armies.

It might be time to upgrade those War Walkers… maybe…

By random chance I have collecting Death Guard, so all the new boxed Set minis are piling up and of course my beloved Ultramarines will be getting Primaris support.  It’s atough time for my wallet and that’s without the pain right around the corner in the shape of the new Space Marine AND Death Guard Codexes (CURSE YOU GW!!!)  I’m going to have to get a night job.

So my big question is what has 8th done to your buying habits?


I want to hear what you are buying and why.

More importantly I want to hear how it compares to what you bought in previous 40K editions.


~The floor is yours friends.

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