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40K: Emperor’s Children Chaos Legion Focus

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Jul 31

The Chaos Codex is coming soon and Games Workshop is showcasing some juicy new tidbits of information for the CSM!

Get ready for more teasers this week from Games Workshop as the Codex: Chaos Space Marine is in the pipe! In today Legion Focus, Games Workshop puts the Emperor’s Children in the spotlight. The devotee’s of pleasure are about to bring the PAIN!

Quick note – we spotted a couple of things in the article we wanted to call out really quick:

  • Rules for seven Chaos Legions as well as Renegade Chaos Marines – Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, World Eaters, Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Word Bearers and the Renegade Chapters.
  • Death Guard and Thousand Sons are getting codexes of their own.
  • Every Chaos Legion now has a Legion Trait – Legion Traits are abilities available Chaos to Infantry, Bikers and Helbrutes picked from the same Traitor Legion.


via Warhammer Community

The Emperor’s Children are a terrifying close-combat army in the new Chaos Space Marines codex, with access to a whole host of new abilities that’ll make the army one of the best melee forces in the game.


Attacking first in close combat is an enormous bonus; used correctly, and combined with power weapons, you’ll be able to wipe out enemies before they have time to react. This is a great defensive bonus too – anyone looking to charge a unit of Noise Marines could find themselves struck down before striking blows. In this way, your enemies are faced with a terrible choice; suffer waves of sonic firepower at range or be forced to attack you in close combat.

Delightful Agonies is another Psychic Power that is basically “Feel-No-Pain” on a 5+. Slaanesh Heretic Astartes units are going to get pretty tough, pretty easily!

Endless Cacophony is back – the name is the same but the ability has changed. This time a Heretic Astartes Slaanesh Infantry or Biker unit gets to shoot AGAIN. With the amount of fire power those sonic weapons can bring to bear… That’s a LOT of noise!

What’s really interesting is that Games Workshop’s article heavily implies that the Emperor’s Children is a heavy melee focus army. With the right units and the right load-outs, I can see that being an option. On the flip side, Noise Marines can move and shoot generating a TON of shots. Basically, just like GW said, “suffer waves of sonic firepower at range or be forced to attack you in close combat” – and vs the Emperor’s Children…neither one of those things sounds like a good option for the enemy! The Emperor’s Children might end up with a ton of cool options (once the book comes out) to really make them a fantastic “all comers” Chaos army.

Noise Marines Profile from Index: Chaos




What do you think of the teasers for the Emperor’s Children? Will the be a contender on the tabletop or is it just a bunch of hot air?

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