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Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: What’s Next for the Nerf?

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Jul 31

Goatboy here again and wow wasn’t that an interesting FAQ. Here’s who I think gets the NERF bat next.

Goatboy here again and wow wasn’t that an interesting FAQ.  I know one was coming but I didn’t expect it this soon.  I am pretty happy with it as my current army wasn’t really effected (Daemons) but I know how rough it can be for some people who were planning, buying, and building armies.  It is safe to say if you suspect your choice might be too cheap or that you are able to spam too many things – it is probably next on the chopping block.  I think that is the biggest thing to take from all of this – skating the edge of too good means that most likely it will be fixed.  Especially since GW is currently on top and listened to by a good deal of TO’s that are helping playtest and generate their Matched play game.

Spam canary in a coalmine

Nerf Hints

But enough about that – let’s think about what is next up.  The best way to see if a unit is too good is if a player is willing to take a ton of them.  Look at all the lists that were “nerfed” with this FAQ.  Massed Flyers got the most interesting change in that while they didn’t increase their point cost or limit how many you could take (all things I thought they would do), they instead changed how they interacted in the game by not really being on the table.  This is huge as it effectively hurts all flyers the same and doesn’t directly pick out the so callled “bad for the game” units.  I found it extremely interesting as it was a ruling I never expected.

The Razorwing Flock was a much needed nerf as they were too cost effective for the points they cost.  I think if they were not mixed with Ynarri or didn’t get the Ynarri keyword they might have been ok as they would lose “fearless” and some other Soulburst abilities.  Still the army is cut in half and having 60 birds which are extremely weak is a heck of a lot easier to deal with.  This probably guts this army completely from the game and only leaves a few other “hordes” available to play with and against.  This leaves us with a few other Horde choices that might get the Nerf Bat.  Brimstone Horrors are most likely the next one on the list – with the chatter I hear and the overall competitive feeling they are most likely going to get “fixed”.  I don’t know if that means more points, less rules, or a change in how they interact.  I think if these guys get fixed there are a few other units to look at as well.

Next “victims”?


The next too cheap culprit right now is the AM side of things in general.  A lot of their guns are too cheap to be placed on a body that can get certain orders, hits on a 3+, or just can be taken in a large amount.  I am sure you have all heard about the massed mortar armies currently getting put together by some players.  It feels like the Conscript, at 3 pts a piece, feel way to cheap when you mix in some of the Aura, Orders, and Character Abilities.  The leadership fixing available with the Commissar makes the unit an issue.  As well as the ability to wound everything – it feels like their 3 points are just – too cheap for the game.

The other big point change in the FAQ was the renerf of the Purestrain Stealers for the GSC.  It was a bitter sweet change as a client was looking to have me paint a big batch.  I am not sure if the points are incorrect on them – as the Nid version is a heck of a lot cheaper and wondering how much the Cult Ambush is really worth.  Still this change feels a bit sour especially with the incorrectly set up points for the other options in the GSC army.  Will see if they change whenever the new book comes out.

The “nerf” to Soulburst is rather interesting as it helps clean up their playing as you have to complete your units “actions” before you can get the option to soulburst.  It made for some weird games as you started an attack, blew something up, and then made another action before finishing your action.  I still think this ability is crazy powerful and this just makes it easier to manage, play with and against.  The lock of needing a Ynarri character as your warlord to become Ynarri is pretty dang huge as it forces specific characters to allow your “non ynarri” initial units to become followers of the Death God.  It makes more Fluff sense but it feels counter intuitive from a game mechanic sense.

We finally got some answers to if you can Warptime some friends that come in from Space for Chaos Space Marines.  That is pretty good and how a lot of TO’s played it.  You also got your answer on the Tau side of things if they can respond to the Jump and other movement powers.  Orks still continue to look good with one of the best “horde” units in the game with just the plan Jane Ork Boyz.  6 points gets you a crap ton of attacks and mixed with especially powerful Leadership tricks it means a normal TAC Ork list can kick the crap out of you.  I think this army will shine when we get Ork Clans coming out just like the thought of “new” Legion rules.

Roboute is all we need.

I looked at the Space Marine book a bit and there are a lot of little things that sound interesting.  I think Sternguard can be a good clean up unit especially some of the Command Point usage abilities.  Wounding most of things on a 4+ will be rough and I suspect a more Tactical based Marine horde might be good.  Of course this means you need the King of the Blue dudes – Roboute himself to lead it.  I think a Templar horde might actually do good too and wonder if a Jump Pack Captain with a 6 inch Heroic Intervention might actually be strong.  Plus the ability to stop a spell as needed, reroll charges, and cover the table in “cheap” black armor jerks just seems good.  I also like the Raven Guard army as well.  Of course it is really weird there isn’t any more Rifleman dreads and other things in the new book – it means GW doesn’t have to make that kit anymore.  It begs the question on how events will allow these things or if they will see – X things are no longer allowed etc.  Being the first “book” in the new edition is usually a bad thing so will see how the Marines fare as the other books rear their mean heads.  It feels like Death Guard will be next with what I am sure is a big White Dwarf release.


Suck it Death Guard… I’m next!


Is there anything else you feel is too strong right now?  Are you enjoying these fixes?  Are you ready to burn it all down and just start playing competitive Pokemon?  How many armies have you started and had to stop as your dreams get crushed under the boot of being “too good”?  I know this BAO has me playing things that will most likely get tweaked when the real books come out so I am not investing a ton of time beyond having things painted to a decent standard.  I can just sit and wait and hope my plastic models get better when the new “pink” text is added to my relevant FAQ.

~Who do you think is getting nerfbat whacked next?

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