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40K: Primaris Hero Rules Available In The Box

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Jul 01

The Primaris Space Marine Heroes are available for pre-order this weekend, but how will they be used in the game? Check the box!

Games Workshop is moving their 40k line in a similar direction as the Age of Sigmar releases. The Rules for the models will be available in the box but the points to use them appear to be available online.

via Games Workshop

Download the Points Sheet for the Primaris Captain and Primaris Lubrarians HERE.

These two new heroes will be allowed in all armies with Imperium, Adeptus Astartes and <Chapter> keywords. You can also take them with your Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Deathwatch forces. Additional special rules/keywords are added to the unit when they are added in this way.

In terms of use in Matched Play, you can find those points on this download. Obviously, it’s not the full armory but it’s enough to get your started.

Will this be a new model for the rules going forward? Perhaps it’s just for the newest kits. We’ve already seen GW include rules in other kits before but this is the first time they have provided points online without a purchase (for 40k). It’s also pretty clear that these points and extra rules are there as a stop-gap until the new Space Marine Codex comes out for 8th. We know there are a few more kits coming out and GW has a tendency to consolidate all the rules into one place.


Reiver Points and Rules? Coming soon…


Personally, I just want to get my hands on the Space Marine Codex as soon as possible. The indexes are great for pointing stuff out but they don’t have any of the “character” of the old codexes. I’m also just curious what the new format will be like. Time will tell!


What do you think of the way GW is providing the points/rules for the new models? How you you like this “Hybrid” approach of Points Free, Rules in Box?

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