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GW Goes Retro With AoS General’s Handbook 2017

Jul 25

Games Workshop pulls out all the 80’s nostalgia you can take with this “retro” look at the General’s Handbook 2017 edition!

Get ready for the arrival of a Game Changer, again.

via Warhammer Community

Coming soon.

Okay – maybe it was the music or the fact that I’m just excited about the 80’s pop-culture revival that we’re seeing (Ready Player One and Stranger Things season 2, anyone) but I think Games Workshop nailed it with this video. Someone is enjoying themselves again and it’s shows!

For all the nostalgia bombs, this video did give us some hints at what we can expect:

  • New Allegiance Abilities
  • New Allies Rules
  • New Points Values
  • …And more!

But the biggest reveal is that we now have a timeframe on the release date:


Get ready for a new wave of war coming in August 2017!


…NMM was SOOOO 80’s.

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