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Black Library: October Previews

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Jul 9 2017

Here’s a look at the upcoming releases for October. If you like Primarchs, Heresy, or the Ynnari, you’re good to go.

October will be an exciting month for fans of the Primarchs (Primarch pals? Yeah let’s go with that). The Black Library will see three new books centering around these larger-than-life lads who are fun to be with. Though all three of these will be set in the distant past–we’ll see Lorgar just Logaring it up in Lorgar: Bearer of the Word; Fulgrim go all Magnificent Seven on a planet (but with conquering instead of defending peasants, because this is 40K, so let’s not forget); and the three Ruinstorm friends will try and reach Terra in time to stop Horus, but they’ll be caught in the ruinstorm.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’ll also be a new book set in the present day (of the future), featuring the quest for the missing  Dragon Balls  Crone Swords as the Ynnari race to awaken their god of death.

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Lorgar: Bearer of the Word

Lorgar: Bearer of the Word’, a Primarchs novel by Gav Thorpe that delves into the early life of the Golden One, as he is raised on Colchis and becomes a figurehead in a vicious religious war. It’ll be available in eBook, hardback and MP3 audiobook editions – but if you really can’t wait to read it, remember that the Limited Edition actually comes out this Friday!

Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix

Speaking of Primarchs Limited Editions, the next of those will also hit the shelves in October, as Josh Reynolds brings us ‘Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix’. It’s a Great Crusade-centred tale that shows the Phoenician at his most arrogant, determined to prove his martial perfection by conquering a world with just seven warriors at his side. Expect action, drama, great dialogue and the usual lavish Limited Edition format.


Ruinstorm: Destiny Unwritten

David Annandale will also be tackling some primarchs – three of them, actually – in ‘Ruinstorm’, book 46 of the Horus Heresy. This volume in the series will bring the Imperium Secundus story to a close, as Guilliman, the Lion and Sanguinius each attempt to travel through the vast Ruinstorm that divides the Imperium, desperate to reach Terra and defend it from Horus. We know who gets there in time… but now we can find out how and why. As usual for the Horus Heresy, ‘Ruinstorm’ will launch in hardback, eBook and MP3 audiobook formats.

Rise of the Ynnari: Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior: Rise of the Ynnari’ focuses on the new Aeldari faction. Seeking the final cronesword that will bring about the true birth of Ynnead, Yvraine – accompanied by warriors of Iyanden – boards a long-lost craftworld that has returned. But all is not as it seems in this new post-Gathering Storm novel by Gav Thorpe, which you’ll be able to read in eBook and hardback.

My money is on Yvraine going off to train with King Kai, where she develops the ability to fly and also tell jokes.

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