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Jul 23

That’s right. Pleasure Butter. You might not want to know more–but you definitely want to know more. Catch up on all the latest hijinx over on Twitch.

Dark Apocrypha is our 40K Campaign Cavalcade of Carnage. Each week we feature a different army and a mini-campaign to go along with it.

STAY TUNED ALL NEXT WEEK – from 7/24-7/28 we’ll be featuring Codex: Space Marines and the new Primaris Units. It’s All Space Marines all the time. Be sure and check it out for your chance to see all the new rules in action. Get your questions cleared up, get a glimpse at how practical the new Stratagems are, and watch models get blown off the table by Orbital Bombardments.

Now that we’ve got that announcement out of the way, on with the show(s).

Alaitoc Strikes!

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 1: Strike Fast, Strike Sure!

After centuries of searching Alaitoc’s Rangers & Pathinders have located 3 relics from their homeworld before the Fall. The Farseers portend that these relics will grant the Craftworld either great fortune if secured, or oblivion if they fall in the hands of the Great Enemy. A Mighty Warhost is dispatched through the webway to secure them or die trying. At it’s head is Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars”. His first target – the Glaive of Alaitoc, on a recently conquered Imperial world near the Eye of Terror. Woe awaits any who stand in the Voidzephyr’s path.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 2: Everybody Fights, Nobody Runs!

With the quest for the first relic behind him, Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” moves onto his next target. On the Tyranid infested world of Gehenna III – the Alaitoc’s Tear awaits. But the doomed world heaves under the tectonic shockwaves of its almost total Hivefleet consumption. Voidzephyr must strike fast to reclaim the artefact before the world itself becomes his greatest enemy.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 3: Waterworld


While we couldn’t quite get Kevin Costner to put in a special appearance, this game summarizes the plot of Waterworld fairly accurately. Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” hunts for the final artifact – the Grail of Isha. However, the relic was eaten by a Squig. It happens. The T’au were conducting an experiment to see if Squigs could understand the Greater Good (more like ate-er good am I right, Squigs?) when they escaped confinement, ate a relic that was marked IMPORTANT and then proceeded to escape to the surface of the watery planet. There T’au and Eldar face off against each other to try and see who can catch a Squig.

Board Games Bonanza is our weekly Board Game night. This week, we played Hasbro’s Snake Oil, and it was…well… let’s just say you’ll want to be sure and visit Honest Abe’s Inappropriate Emporium, where you can pick up some Pleasure Butter. Pleasure Butter–it makes everything (everything) better. Especially sandwiches.

Honest Abe’s Inappropriate Emporium

After warming up with a round of Settlers of Catan, the BoLS Gang tackle Snake Oil, a game of selling products to them what needs it. This game is a party in a box, and is the origins of everyone’s favorite condiment, Pleasure Butter. What is Pleasure Butter? There’s only one way to find out. Click that link, find out all its compelling uses.

NeverQuest is our D&D campaign, run by me, your friendly neighborhood RPG Columnist and Sunday Editor. Watch as these boys try their best to Never Quest. It’s always an adventure, even if it’s not the one you thought it would be.

NeverQuest – D&D 5th



Check out our continuing 5e D&D campaign – Neverquest. Grab a cold one, settle in and adventure with the BoLS party. Someone might find glory, gold – or die! This week, following up on some fishy business from the week before, our party of heroes ambushes some smugglers, breaks and enters, starts a brawl, and uncovers an eldritch horror lurking beneath a basement. Find out what happens on NeverQuest!

BoLS Twitch Schedule

On weekends we re-stream the previous week’s games. That’s 18 hours of gaming with BoLS! Here’s the schedule:

Everything’s fully painted and we have an insane amount of giant armies… for tons of your favorite games just waiting for you to enjoy. We’ll be playing competitive games, casual games, crazy narrative games and everything in between. Then look forward to regular talk shows covering everything from lore to tactics to tabletop, RPGs and more.

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