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CMON: A Song of Ice & Fire finds Balance in War

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Jul 21

Here’s a preview of the Commanders who’ll be leading the charge in the upcoming Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game.

CMON’s upcoming Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game is poised to bring the War of Five Kings to a tabletop near you. And like any good war, you’ll find all kinds of different ways to crush those who are undeserving of the Iron Throne. If you’ve been following the news about this gae, you know that your figures will be broken up into Combat Units and there are a few mechanics surrounding their attachments.

Today, courtesy of CMON, we’ve got a look at another Combat Unit Attachment–Commanders. These are the leaders and tacticians of the game. They let you manipulate your tactics deckby bringing their own tactics cards to the deck, letting you tailor an army to play more to one style or another.

via CMON

Certain figures in the game are  Commanders. When constructing your army, you will always choose one Army Commander;  a renowned  hero that will shape how your army plays and operates. More often than not, your Commander will also be a  CU  Attachment, taking to the battlefield to personally join in the fight.  In that way, they  act  as a standard  CU  Attachment.

Ned Stark, on the other hand, is a special Detachment…


The big difference from other Attachments, however, is how they manipulate your  Tactics Deck. Each faction has  access to its own deck of cards,  14 in total (two copies of seven unique cards)  that make up the unique strategies and methods of that faction.

When you pick an Army Commander, they also add six of their own cards (usually three unique cards, two copies of each) to your Tactics Deck, giving you a total of  20  cards.

You start with three Tactics Cards and refill your hand back up to three at the start of each round. Each Tactic Card lists when it can be played, as well as its immediate effect. In addition to this, most Tactics Cards will grant additional bonuses depending on if you control various areas of the  Tactics Board. In the above example, we have the House Stark Tactics Card  Winter is Coming, which cripples enemy  CUs  by making them Panicked and Vulnerable, thus becoming easy prey for a Stark assault! Should you also control the  Swords area of the Tactics Board, the enemy can’t resist the negatives instilled by the cards,  such is House Stark’s military might!

For example, in the ASOIF:TMG Starter Set – Stark vs. Lannister you will have access to two Commanders on each side. For the Starks this means Greatjon Umber: Lord of Last Hearth and Robb Stark: The Young Wolf. If you choose Greatjon as your Commander, his specific Tactics Cards are going to make your CUs become all the deadlier as they come closer to being wiped out- really embodying the “berserker” play style of House Umber as a whole.

Contrast this to an army led by Robb, whose cards focus on swift maneuverability and a focus on hitting the enemy in their weak-spots. Your army won’t have the raw hitting power that you had with Greatjon, but you’ll more than make up for that with speed and cunning.


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The new minis should be out just in time for winter.

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