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CMON: Tyrion and More Join Ice and Fire

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Jul 2 2017

CMON’s tabletop version of that one HBO show your friends keep spoiling is about to get some new minis.

Alright, we’re talking about some sensitive material here, so let’s make sure that we keep our spoilers marked and well labeled, because we don’t want to have a repeat of the incident where I accidentally told everyone that Tyrion kills Dumbledore again.

Uh. Spoiler alert. About midway through the current season, a dimensional rift opens up in the Aerie, and that hole that they keep pushing people down turns into an interdimensional portal, through which Tyrion, Bran, Brienne, and a resurrected Ned Stark journey into fantastical worlds. Along the way they team up with Nicolas Cage in pursuit of a sacred, national treasure, but Ned Stark has been plotting to steal it all along and betrays everyone. Only the final clue didn’t lead from Trinity Church to the Old North Church–the final clue was a notch, perfectly designed for the meerschaum pipe that they’d recovered. And Nicolas Cage makes everyone rich before they have to go back to Westeros. Also at one point Tyrion kills a reanimated Dumbledore.

Here’s a preview for the next season of GoT.

via CMON

Tyrion Lannister’s brilliant intellect and vast education makes him a formidable opponent at the front lines and far
beyond. Few enemies in the War of the Five Kings are any match for Tyrion’s vast knowledge of military science. His gift for strategic and tactical planning allow ‘The Imp’ to outmaneuver many opponents before battle is ever joined




House Umber has pledged its full support to House Stark in the War of the Five Kings. As such, the Berserkers stand ready to answer the Direwolf’s call. Berserkers excel in flanking maneuvers, shattering charges, and general pursuit of routed enemies.


Mankind has employed beasts of war since the earliest days, but Grey Wind brings an entirely new element to the Stark banner. Where ordinary wolves might be considered frightening, the direwolf known as Grey Wind is absolutely terrifying. Faster than any man on foot, and nearly as swift as any steed, Grey Wind uses instinct alone to guide him where he’s most needed on the battlefield.


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Sorry if there are too many spoilers in this one. But info about the last few seasons has been kinda Cagey.

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