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D&D: The Tomb of Annihilation In Miniature(s)

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Jul 13

Take a look at some of the minis for the Tomb of Annihilation in Action.

Got a quick preview of the midiatures that make up Wizkid’s new set for the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation. Some of these look absolutely amazing–including the all-too familiar green devil face with an open mouth full of inky darkness (and most likely a sphere of annihilation). There are 44 miniatures in all, including the Lich himself, Acererak, and a number of goons, dinos, minions, monsters, traps, treasures, hazards, and Steve.

via Dungeon Life

All I can say is, boy, pre-painted miniatures have come a long way since they first started. Look at some of this detail work. I mean just look at it.

There’s a whole lot going on here. That statue looks weathered–it’s got chipped paint, but there’s a stone surface underneath–and then the way it all just disappears into darkness. There’s even a gleam in its eyes. But then all of the minis in this line are like that. So one thing’s for sure, if you want to spice up your table top, keep your eyes peeled for the next big things to drop from Wizkids.

The Case Incentive display is bananas as well. Not literal bananas, it’s just a good model. One with a lot of appeal. As recompense for enduring that joke, here are a few choice shots of some of the minis:


Enjoy. I just wanted to leave you with this glimpse of Acererak getting ready to cast some kind of magic, or possibly devouring some of that sweet sweet life essence that he’s drinking up throughout the whole course of the Tomb of Annihilation. This new set should release sometime after September, along with the campaign.

Of course at this scale, it’s more like a Tomb of Ant-nihilation. The whole thing will need to be at least….three times bigger.

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