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Knight Models: New Wonder Woman Minis

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Jul 06

Knight Models adds some badass women and more to their DC line – take a look!

If you loved the new Wonder Woman movie, Knight Models has just the thing for your hobby table. Take a look at all that Amazon and comic goodness down below. These models are available right now, so if you like what you see, click on through to Knight Model’s store.

Wonder Woman on Warhorse – 34.99 €


Amazons of Themyscira – 49.99 €


Maritan Manhunter – 19.95 €

As a reinforcement for the Justice League of America, the Martian Manhunter and the Doctor Fate joins DCUMG!



Doctor Fate – 19.95 €


The Parliament of Owls – 49.99 €

They will send the Talon for your head… The Parliament of Owls rises to control Gotham with iron hand!

~Which one’s your favorite?

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