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Mini-Monster’s Dwarven Fortress Terrain is Unassailable

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Jul 4 2017

COME AND TAKE IT! Check out Mini-Monster’s cool Dwarven Fortress and more to make your tabletop awesome!

Pretty much what it says on the tin folks. There’s a new Dwarven Fortress, some debris, storehouses, and more newly released from Mini Monsters. This is some swanky looking terrain, and it’s scaled perfectly for all your tabletop wargaming/rpg needs. Check it out.

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I love the detail here–note the repeating Dwarven faces, this is a theme that recurs throughout. Check out what’s up on top of that tower.

That top area is nice and open, perfect for getting minis on.

Those guys are perfect, ready to defend any dwarf fortress that doesn’t inevitably collapse in on itself and spiral out of control into a nonstop cycle of death and despair.


You know, the way most Dwarf Fortresses do.

And if your dwarves are going to be digging down, there’s a new line of miniature mushrooms you can use to litter your terrain. Most of these are probably poison, and at least one is carnivorous–which is perfect because those dwarves were getting too uppity in their fortress and this should help reinforce the sense of existential terror any dwarf in a fortress should feel.

And then of course there’s all the rest. The “battlefield terrain” entry is particularly gruesome:

It’s the horse corpse, I think, that really makes this set grim. Everything else is just kind of cool detail–but that poor imaginary horse. It was a noble, valiant steed and didn’t deserve to be cut down in its prime like that. It seems kind, though, that if they’re going to have that bit of terrain, that it’s at least a single piece. It’d just be cruel to have to glue that horse on.



Anyway, you can find more pics and terrain waiting for you at Mini Monster’s site.

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Well great, now I’m playing Dwarf Fortress again. And now everyone’s dead. Again.

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