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New 8th Edition FAQ and Errata

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Jul 02

Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight.

Newly released from Games Workshop–a huge new list of errata and FAQs for the core rules and the indexes. Make sure your game is up to date, check these docs out and learn things like:

  • Only infantry can benefit from cover if in ruins
  • Models within 1″ means any model up to and including exactly 1″ away
  • A unit that fights twice can have their second fight phase interrupted via the counter-offensive stratagem
  • Speaking of stratagems, you can’t reroll a psychic check after an opponent has successfully denied the witch.

And all that’s just a handful of stuff from the core book. There’s loads more from the indexes, so grab those pdfs.

via Warhammer Community

To help you with this, we’ve assembled our first FAQ, working with our game designers and playtesters to answer as many of your questions as possible. We’ve covered a range of queries, from the regular housekeeping (What is 1″, exactly?) to the incredibly specific (Can a Necron Warrior reanimate if it’s already enjoying a new un-life as a Poxwalker?) – you can download it here:

Download the Core Book FAQ


Download the Index Imperium 1 FAQ

Download the Index Imperium 2 FAQ

Download the Index Chaos FAQ

Download the Index Xenos 1 FAQ

Download the Index Xenos 2 FAQ

And of course, there’s bound to be more coming out. If you’ve previously checked or their designer commentary, you can now fin an updated version waiting for you–it’s helpful to put together the inner workings of some of the more complex rules interaction, as well as to see why certain changes were implemented.

Nothing like getting in the head of the designers to get in the head of your opponents.


Until next time, happy gaming, and enjoy your newly corrected rules. 



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