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40K: Fate of Konor: Week Three Results

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Aug 18


The Fate of Konor takes a dire swing as Chaos begins to close the gap on the Imperium. Nethamus remains in the powerfist-clad hands of Roboute Guilliman, but at what cost? With Chaos holding Convoy Druseus, but getting stymied by the Neck, it’s been an interesting week for them. Next week sees the game move to Vanitor, where the warp has taken over–hopefully the forces of the Imperium will be able to hold Chaos at bay, but at this point with both Space Marines and Chaos Marines having their own codex forces, it’s anyone’s game.

via Warhammer Community

This week, the campaign passes the halfway point. The battles were closer than ever, but Nethamus remains in Imperial hands. It was far from smooth sailing, however – Chaos managed to hold on to a convincing lead around Convoy Druseus, while The Neck remained a key battleground throughout the week. With a few more points for Chaos, who knows what could have happened?

Going into Week 4 of the Campaign, the Imperium must be feeling pretty good about their determined defence. The battle is now moving on to the next planet, Vanitor, which was only recently the site of the Konor Astropathic Relay. Thanks to the efforts of the Chaos invaders, it is now the location of a screaming, endless warp rift. The consequences for the rest of the system could be dire if Chaos can consolidate their gains here…


Check out the details of the next mission on the Fate of Konor website.

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