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40K: Meet the New Plague Marines

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Aug 10

The CSM codex has an all new version of Plague Marines with a whole new arsenal.

We’ve all see the stats for the Plague Marine in both the Index Chaos book and the starter sets. They match the new quick assembly minis and allow you to use all of their weapon options.

Here’s the old sheets for our Datasheet “control”.


Now take a look at what Grandfather Nurgle is bringing with the new codex.


I’ve blurred out the identical areas, so you can concentrate on the new goodies:

The Changes

We have a slight increase in power level and a slight decrease in point cost – WIERD!  A basic Plague Marines goes from 21pts in Index:Chaos to 19pts in codex CSM.

There are many new weapons spread across 3 shooting and 4 close combat options.

Note the special “Vectors of Death & Disease” with an emphasis on dual melee weapons Plague Marines.

These weapons (except the trusty meltagun) haven’t been seen before, so I would assume this is the Plague Marine datasheet we will be seeing in Codex Death Guard.

It is also a safe bet that this is describing the weapons options we will see a new full multi-pose Death Guard kit.


The Flail of Corruption, Great Plague Cleaver, and Mace of contagion are all Spicy.  The Flail especially, and it clocks in at 10pts!

Those all melee Plague Marines may need this guy’s help.


As a long time Nurgle player, I’m intrigued by the concept of dedicated melee Plague Marine units.  The Death Guard codex may be designed to be self-sufficient so assault elements would be needed within the army. I can hardly wait!

~ All hail Grandfather Nurgle.


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