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40k: New Primaris Marine Emerges

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Aug 07

40K is turning 30 years old and the Primaris Marines are celebrating. Come see.


GW loves anniversaries and with the 30th Anniversary of the  Grimdark here – they are kicking out a special Primaris miniature to celebrate.

Here’s the details on the model:

“Clad in Mk X Tacticus armour like his brethren, the model is packed with little details to tie it to its predecessors, including a Crux Terminatus, a sheathed sword and a marksman’s honour, as well as the choice of two different heads – helmeted or unhelmeted.”



I dig the marksmen honors and extra detail. I’m always a fan of optional helmets, as you can drill out the neck a little and glue it to their waist for extra style.

No prices yet, but this guy goes up for sale on September 2nd.


I’ll leave the obvious compare and contrast to the Anniversary Imperial Space Marine to you guys.

~Which one’s better?


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