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40K RUMORS: The Next 5 Codexes of 2017 are:

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Aug 24 2017

Here’s the set of rumors hot off the internet about what five lucky armies get books this year.

We’ve had 5 codexes released or announced by GW so far:



Three are out now:

And two more unveiled:


Leaving five more unknowns.  Now GW has said that 2018 would focus on Xenos, so with that in mind…

One of Faeit’s little birds says to look for:

Thousand Sons

Astra Militarum


Followed by these three getting a same-day triple release before the new year.

Blood Angels

Dark Angels

Space Wolves


First of all, there’s not enough here to even work over – it’s just a list. So right off the bat:

OK, saltiness aside. This list makes sense.  It defines the codexes of 2017 as purely Imperium vs Chaos – leaving 2018 to focus on sweet, sweet Xenos.


The Thousand Sons make sense coming on the heels of Ad Mech, as they just got a codex last winter and it sucks to have your new toys invalidated after only a few months. They have a shiny new range of models and need a full Tzeentchy codex back ASAP.


Astra Militarum is a bit of a surprise, but they are the bedrock of the Imperium.  I have no idea if they would get a Grey Knight-style codex with a new unit or two that are just re-uses of existing minis, or if they would get any new kits. With the new 8th Edition rules – I would love to see plastic Roughriders return to game after a 20 year absence.  That unit is legitimately solid now.

GW, a new mini PLEASE! My base makes me feel inadequate…

Marines, Marines, Marines. Just get em out of the way to stop the whining and move on.  All three of these got a decent model update last time around.  I would see these codexes as being more about integrating the Primaris units and drop in a plastic mini – probably a character.  You know – with GW’s “triumvirate” character boxes – it would make a lot of sense for Nottingham to drop all three of these codexes at once accompanied by a plastic set with 3 new plastic characters – 1 from each chapter.  I would do Dante, Grimnar (on foot), and Sammael (on his jetbike).  I’d buy that!

~Have at it rumormeistors.  How do you feel about the list?


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: The Unstoppable List - WGC2017