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40K: World Eaters Chaos Legion Focus

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Aug 3 2017
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The World Eaters are here to bring all the blood and skulls with the latest Legion Focus from Games Workshop!

We’ve gotten a look a the Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, and the Night Lords – today we’re going a to go a little wild. It’s time to take a look at the Legion with some Anger Management issues – the World Eaters!

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The World Eaters are back, and in a big way, packing a brutal Legion Trait that encourages risk-taking, fast-paced play:

Legion Trait: Butcher’s Nails

The Butcher’s Nails favor a general that is aggressive and not afraid to go on the offensive. Every unit with this ability (remember that’s each Infantry, Biker, and Helbrute picked from the same Traitor Legion) gets an extra attack in the subsequent Fight phase providing you pulled off a successful charge. For your units like Chaos Marines, those extra attacks are going to add-up quick. And for an already deadly unit like Khorne Berzerkers…well, I think you get the idea.


Warlord Trait: Slaughterborn

Slaughterborn has the chance to really ramp-up your Warlord’s stat line. Remember – there is NO CAP on stats any more. If you can manage to get a few key kills with your Warlord, then your opponent is in a world of HURT. Can you imagine this on a character like Kharn? Because you can do that – and the results are going to be bad news for your opponents!

World Eater Stratagems:


Fury of Khorne allows you to select a Khorne Infantry or Biker unit to immediately fight again. You know, just in case your first charge didn’t finish the job…

Scorn of Sorcery is very similar to the Black Templar’s power. It’s a well known fact that Khorne is not a fan of those pesky psychic powers and this is just one more tool in the tool box for a World Eaters player. Now, it’s not going to protect you against an army that is just looking Smite-Spam you to death, however, it can help you stop those key powers from triggering when you need to. A 50/50 shot is better than nothing!

Legion Relic: Brass Collar of Bhorghaster

The Brass Collar of Bhorghaster gives the World Eaters yet another tool to defend against Psychic Powers. However, I really, REALLY like the extra ability this one has:

If this model makes a successful Deny the Witch test, the psyker that was attempting to manifest the power immediately suffers a Perils of the Warp.


And who said World Eaters can’t cause Mortal Wounds in the psychic phase!?

The last thing GW teased for the World Eaters is the Icon of Wrath that gives every unit with one a reroll for their charges. That’s going to be mighty useful for getting in to combat where they can then benefit from all those stacking extra attacks! Will this help those World Eater players regain some of their glory from the Rhino-Rush days? We’ll find out! Just be ready for a bucket of dice to pour out in the form of attacks from those World Eater units!


What do you think of the World Eaters? Will they be back taking Skulls or will Khorne take them to the great battlefield in the Warp? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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