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Age of Sigmar: Order Gets New Tricks

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Aug 04

The General’s Handbook 2017 will be giving Grand Alliance Order some new skills and battlefield tricks.

The General’s Handbook 2017 is coming this August and here’s a taste of what Order has in store. GW has been showing a little leg in advance of the new book.


New Allies

GW says:

“The forces of the Free Cities are often made up of an eclectic collection of aelves, duardin, humans and Stormcast Eternals, and you’ll be able to build an army like this without losing access to your powerful new allegiance abilities. Each faction has its own allies table – the Wanderers, for example, can fight alongside their ancestral kindred the Sylvaneth, while the Stormcast Eternals can lend their strength to any Order faction.”

You will be able to mix and match subfactions while still keeping their now overlapping special rules, anabling some mighty combos.

Improved Sub-Factions



  • Allegiance abilities
  • Warlord traits
  • Artefacts
  • Warscroll battalions (x2)

Sample Ability: Lords of Space and Time:  Remove a unit and replace it anywhere on the battlefield more than 9″ from the enemy.


Sample Ability:  Melt Away: A friendly Wanderer unit that retreats can shoot in the shooting phase of the same turn.



Sample Ability:  Stubborn to the End: If you roll a 1,2 or 3 when taking a Battleshock test for a unit of Dispossessed, that unit stubbornly refuses to yield and is treated as having passed the Battleshock test irrespective of any modifiers to their bravery or the number of casualties they have suffered that turn.


Gain access to Ur-gold runes, granting various abilities. Here’s a partial table:

~the General’s Handbook 2017 should be along any week now.

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