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Geekery: There’s a Lot Going on in this GoT Finale Preview

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Aug 22 2017

There’s one episode left in the season, and plenty of characters to kill.

How about that throw?

Ok, with that out out of the way let’s take a look at what HBO has in store for next week…

  • Jon, Tyrion, and allies meeting with Cersei and Jaime in what looks like King’s Landing
  • Another meeting at what looks to be Dragonpit
  • Cersei obviously has plan for this meeting – but will those plans pan out?
  • Sansa… being Sansa
  • The Unsullied and Dothraki getting ready to take a castle containing Bronn and Jaime
  • Jon’s use of an interesting double-entendre at the end there. Hmmm.

A little background on the significance of the setting of that meeting: Dragonpit was where the Targaryens kept their dragons; it’s on Rhaenys’ hill in King’s Landing. It was all but destroyed during the Dance of the Dragon – the Targaryen civil war. It holds a lot of meaning. The pit led to the demise of the dragons. Their confinement there let them literally diminish in stature until they were the size of a cat. The last dragon – before Daenerys brought them back – died there. It would be fitting for Cersei to try to kill the last of the Targaryens here.


There are things unanswered from the last episodes:

  • Where is Sam going?
  • What the heck is Bran up to?
  • What’s up with the fancy new wight dragon?
  • Will The Hound make it back to Cersei with his captive to convince her to join the fight?
  • Baelish’s plans?
  • Arya’s plans?


Let’s start taking bets on who doesn’t make it out of the finale alive.


Author: Mars Garrett
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