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Grymkin: The Dreamer Knocks You Out

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Aug 31 2017

The Grymkin have all sorts of insane new units & warlocks.  We are taking a look at “The Dreamer” today.


The Dreamer is one of the warlocks for the new faction of Grymkin.  She specializes in moving and taking over enemy models to place them in dangerous sitiutations.  If you like to manipulate your opponent’s forces to do your bidding, then The Dreamer is the warlock for you.

The Dreamers Trump:

All Grymkin warlocks have a Trump Arcana instead of a feat.  The Dreamer’s Trump is “All Fall Down”.  After your opponent kills a model for the rest of the turn when a grymkin model dies the enemy model that killed it is ‘knocked down’ at the end of it’s activation.


The Dreamer’s Abilities:

The Dreamer has powerful field manipulating abilities and with Cage Ragers and other ways to arc spells at ranged; she can stay relatively safe.

Future Sight: Can boost after rolls.


Hat Trick:  Can place a special model called a Phantasm that has varying abilities.

Wraith Walker: Can go incorporeal

Call to Sleep: A gun that makes living warriors stationary and can take control of it on critical hits.

Abyssal Gate:  A 3″ place on damage of any enemy model.

Artifice of Deviation: Cover to hide in.

Enfeeble: -2 to rolls for enemy unit and is an upkeep.

Manifest Destiny: Accuracy for melee beasts


Mirage: 2″ place at start of turn


A Dreamy list for the Dreamer:

This list gives you a lot of flexibility.  You have 3 heavy beasts to kill some of the toughest targets.  Or you can stay back with lord longfellow and Hollowmen shooting away at the enemy.  The Deathknell can hand out corpses where needed and give a decent sized ARM aura.

Grymkin Army – 75 / 75 points

(Dreamer 1) The Dreamer [+28]
– Cage Rager [14]
– Cage Rager [14]
– Crabbits (2) [7]
– Crabbits (2) [7]
– Skin & Moans [15]
Glimmer Imp [4]
Lord Longfellow [6]
Hollowmen (max) [13]
– Lantern Man [3]
Twilight Sisters [7]
Death Knell [13]

How to Fight Against the Dreamer?

The Dreamer is going to want to manipulate your models.  Whether she is shooting your warrior models with a stationary gun or damaging you from afar with Abyssal gate and placing your models into prickly situations you will have to play it safe.  Shield guards can keep your caster safe from her stationary guns.  While spell immunities or Arcane Vortex can keep important pieces safe from Abyssal Gate.  Really high armor could be a problem for the Dreamer and you should abuse this accordingly.


~What do you think of the new Grymkin warlock the Dreamer  Please share in the comments below.


Author: Revenant
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