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GW: Bringing ALL the Skulls to You

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Aug 02

REJOICE hobbyists! Because in the grimdark human skulls just aren’t enough…

images via miniwars & descanso del escriba

The august White Dwarf is out and about and early peeks are appearing all over the internet.  We’ve seen all the Primaris kits so far, but two hobby sprues out of left field caught our eye.


This first set comes with 12 sprues of vines for you to snip and twist around your latest terrain or basing project.  I can see lots of cool overgrown ruins, Sylvaneth and Cfaftworld Eldar projects that would look great with these. Don’t forget those sneaky Catachans and their jungle camo tricks. Apparently these are made of a different plastic that is very flexible.


The mystery set with 146 bracken goes unseen… We will have to wait and see.


This is what you really came for.  When I saw the cover of INDEX: XENOS I thought… hmm where did that skull come from? Well look at this, a set of 340 skulls sure to keep your bases dedicated to the Skull Throne – or just a sad lament for all those plastic dudemen lives lost to early.  Everytime you buy 8 of these kits, somewhere out there – a Bloodthirster gets it’s wings.

Khorne will be so impressed with your base!


~ Challenge – how many races can you identify in the skullpile?

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