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GW Hints at 40K Xenos

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Aug 29 2017

GW has something to say about the galaxy’s Xenos and how few have made it to the tabletop…

For decades, players have lamented the role of Xenos in the grimdark.  They are beset on all sides by the ever more expansive Imperium, and each edition the jaws of the allies table/keywords closes in around them.

Some days playing a xenos army feels like being one of these:


So when the new September White Dwarf started doing the rounds online, this little page is quite the eye opener:

Here’s the translation via Triaad


“If we know well the main actors on the galactic scene. Warhammer 40k encompass a great number of minor xenos species that showed up during the years. They are generally those that escaped the great xenocide purges of the great crusade but without the number, strength or will to conquer great domains like the Aeldary or the Orks .
In the galaxy, humanity encountered the Nicassars, Barghesis, Demiurgs, Sslyths, Nagis , Jokaeros, K’nibs, Lacrymoles, Laers, Psy-Gores, Xenarchs, Hruds, Tarelians, Chromes, Loxatls, Megarachnids, Kinebrach, Saruthis, Rak’Gols, Slaughts
And those are only a fraction of those identified as conscious. Imperial scholars have described beast since the publication of Rogue Trader. Some of those abominations have come to the tabletop under the guise of modern miniatures in service of existing army. Like the Genestealers (who happened to be working for the Hive Fleets), or the Razorwings (often raised by the Drukhari). Other are missing from the battlefield but lurk in the background of stories, like the Hruds or the Demiurgs. It is possible that some other see the light of day in the future. And some are wondering if we will see an Ambull again ….”


Well that’s an odd one.  It’s not like GW to muse philosophical about the lack of xenos miniatures on the tabletop without an ulterior motive.  People often forget that some of the mighty armies of today started off live as just a single unit with one set of rules to get them started.  This is how the mighty Necron race appeared in very early 40K decades back:

What I hope this means is that some type of Xenos activity is afoot from GW for next year.  We have already been told that Xenos is the emphasis of 2018, but what if we got more than just rehashed codexes. What if we got a NEW ARMY, or maybe even a Dogs of War style mercenaries book covering a bunch of new Xenos units to add to our armies.

Just thinking about that is making me drool about all the Xenos they could cover. Just look at that list they put up there… There’s a lot of awesomeness that could be mined – including the army everyone would die for Kharadron Overlords in space… um, I mean DEMIURG!

Demiurge IN SPACE!


It’s an odd one. Maybe GW just had a few column inches to fill in a white Dwarf. Maybe they are hinting at a new xenos expansion. Maybe it’s tied to the upcoming 40K RPG.  Remember a couple months back when a quick column answering a Necromunda question was the early easter egg for Necromunda’s real return. I just find the timing and content very curious.

~What do you most want to see GW add to the Xenos range?


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: September White Dwarf Death Guard Pics Online