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New Typhus: May be Hidden in Plain Sight

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Aug 11

Today’s white hot question is WHO is Typhus. GW may have already given us the answer.

OK, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Here’s Typhus current (ancient) model…

and artwork…

Now let’s look at Heresy era Typhon, and some Death guard Terminators to set the frame for what to expect from 40K models:


30K Calas Typhon

30K Death Guard Grave Wardens (note their top vents, and chainmail detailing)

30K Death Guard Grave Wardens (note the scythes and heavy armored “loincloth”)



Today’s Mortarion reveal gave us this guy who many are saying is Typhus:


There are a lot of superficial similarities. The vents, the scythe, the Cataphractiii armor, the single horn But overall I think this model is a bit plain to be Typhus.  It has a single eye, no helmet and tentacles which Typhus has never possessed. I think this guy is more likely a 40K version of the Death Shroud. The armor has a lot in common with the 30K model above.

Typhus Revealed?

Now take a look at these two in-focus and out-of-focus shots of a mini that is standing behind the Tallyman on the right:


Whatever it is, it’s in Cataphractii termy armor, has the vents, and has more ornate gold detailing, and a fancy cape.  Now that you’ve seen that in focus, you have a better frame of reference for the below image of that same model – way out-of-focus and from a more frontal view.

This model appears to be holding a scythe in both hands, and looks to have lots of gold detail across it’s front , kneepads and shoulders.

I’m putting my bet on that at Typhus


~What do you think? 


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