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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: August 22

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Aug 22 2017

Sky pirates, dinosaurs, and waifus! Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!


DinoGenics by Ninth Haven Games

Live out your Jurassic Park dreams on the tabletop with DinoGenics, the prehistoric theme park management game. Each player represents a rival corporation using the latest in genetic engineering for fun and profit. Compete to build the most profitable dinosaur theme park by sending your workers to the mainland to purchase supplies, DNA, and construction material. Clone your menagerie of dinosaurs using the DNA you buy on the open market, then construct paddocks to house your animals. Much like the franchise that inspired it, rival corporations are the least of your worries, as dinosaurs have a habit of figuring out how to escape their enclosures and eat the tourists. Grab your copy for $65.

Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance by Japanime Games

Connoisseurs of cute anime waifus will be happy to learn that the latest expansion to the popular deck building game Tanto Cuore has returned to Kickstarter. As with the previous installments, you’ll build your mansion (deck) by hiring a personal army of maids, with the goal of acquiring the most skilled maids before your rivals. The main new mechanic of Winter Romance is the introduction of butlers and relationships. You can pair up your butlers and maids (same sex relationships also work) for bonuses by using location and love cards. Other players can disrupt your relationships with trial cards to deny you extra victory points. Winter Romance can be played standalone or combined with previous Tanto Cuore sets. Pledges start at $50.

Darkholds by Mierce Miniatures

If anime maids and romantic shenanigans aren’t enough to warm your cold heart, then why not embark on a gritty and dangerous adventure against the undead? Mierce Miniatures is diversifying their product line by entering the miniatures-based board game market with Darkholds. Choose one of several unique adventurers and travel into the dark catacombs below 7th century Britain in search of the secret to eternal life. Upgrade your hero across 10 story scenarios with up to three friends as you encounter increasingly dangerous undead monstrosities. While the game is cooperative in nature, Darkholds does have a small degree of personal selfishness via secret agendas for each player. The core game will set you back £80/$104.

Wanted Earth by Shadow Squirrel Games


Wanted Earth failed to meet its goal earlier this year, but Shadow Squirrel Games is back for another try with a revamped campaign. Earth has been invaded by various alien races, but heroes from all walks of life have risen up to take humanity’s homeworld back. Select your heroes and engage the enemy in one of three cooperative or competitive modes that support upwards of seven players. Future expansions hope to add an additional faction vs faction competitive mode as new alien races are introduced. The full game can be yours for $69.

Avertigos by Siddharth Jain

Finally, embark on a journey to an alternate sci-fi dynastic China in Avertigos. The skies of the South China Sea are dominated by massive airships bristling with guns and rockets. Create your fleet of fully modular warships and fight for control of rich trade routes and strategically valuable island strongholds. Ships are maneuvered using a card system, and there is a 3D element to engagements thanks to adjustable flight widgets. Avertigos is a strategic board game by default, but there are optional skirmish rules if you just want to get straight to the action. The base game is $93 and supports four players.


~Which of these campaigns caught your attention?

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