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Warhammer Quest 2: This Time It’s Personal

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Aug 06

Warhammer Quest 2 will soon be hitting the App Store. Take a look at what’s in store for the Old World (hint: it’s the End Times).

Warhammer Quest is a very fun game, both on and off the tabletop. Even if it’s not quite HeroQuest, it jibes on that classic gameplay of a bunch of heroes exploring dungeons, going on quests, killing monsters, and taking their stuff. The only way it could be better is if there was little cardboard furniture.

Joking aside though, Warhammer Quest is a great little tactical dungeon rpg type game. It’s turn based, and the decisions you make from round-to-round matter very much. It satisfies both the exploration and tactical itch–if you enjoyed games like XCOM and have thought, “but what would make this better is having heroes around to explore and chop things up with an axe” then you’ve come to the right place. I quite enjoyed the first one–and the sequel looks even more exciting.

It’s set in the end times, and promises “vast dungeons” and “hordes of enemies.” Which even if the game wasn’t turn-based would already be a fantastic draw. But on top of that you get the turn-based tactics that come with Warhammer Quest. Do you risk your warriors moving on ahead and covering ground quickly, do you play it safer, but run the risk of getting mobbed all at once and outnumbered? Those kinds of decisions are one of the big appeals of games like this.

And the chance to see the Old World on more time, back before those maniacs blew it all up, is always grand.

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Warhammer Quest 2, is a sequel to the best selling original. Set many years later, the forces of Chaos are making their final assault on the Old World. Unlikely alliances are formed, as old enemies are forced to work together to survive.

Using our new turn-based strategy system, your Warriors will fight through vast dungeons. Killing hordes of enemies, looting treasure, and trying to stave off The End Times.

Tae a look at this world map. It’s practically begging for heroes to tromp all over it, looking for glory and treasure and monsters beyond your imagining.


You can find more information here.

Check out Warhammer Quest II, coming soon.

As long as you can play a Dwarf, this is basically the perfect game.

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