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40K: Blightlord Terminators and Typhus’ New Look!

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Sep 17 2017

The new and improved Typhus and Blightlords terminators are coming next week.

That’s right, in all their bubonic bulbous beauty, here’s a look at the upcoming Blightlord Terminators and everyone’s favorite lumbering, bloated, disease-ridden Herald of Nurgle and friend to all Poxwalkers, Typhus.

Seriously though, Typhus with the right powers can help pump a unit of Poxwalkers to strength 5/toughness 5 and with the right stratagems, you can make them hit on 3s, wound on 2s, and add to their ranks as they inexorably advance across the tabletop. And you thought conscripts were a tar pit.


via Warhammer Community

In the 41st Millennium, the warriors of the Plague God continue to gather, with more elite troops arriving for the XIV Legion. The Blightlord Terminators are the vanguard of the Death Guard, combining advanced wargear with arcane gifts of plague. These guys are a reinvention of the Chaos Terminators you may have used in past editions, equipped with a range of weapons you’ll be familiar with (reaper autocannons, combi-weapons and the like) as well as deadly new tools like the flail of corruption.

That flail will chew through an enemy, by the way. It’s a beast in hand to hand, which, when coupled with the myriad ways these Death Guards can dish out mortal wounds, will help your Blightlords make short work of anything short of a Lord of War.


Accompanying the Blightlord Terminators is Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle. Reinvented for the new codex, Typhus has been upgraded to combine classic elements of his design with a new Death Guard flair, meaning he fits in perfectly with the rest of the range. Similarly, dedicated Death Guard fans will notice the similarity between this model and its counterpart from the 31st Millennium. If you’re looking for a leader for your Death Guard army (or just want to make your Poxwalkers more powerful), then Typhus is an excellent choice.

Also, just look at the detail on this guy. As always, the nurglings are the best, and give the whole thing a very Bakshi-esque feel. He looks almost animated, waiting and ready to lumber forward while the nurglings and poxwalkers gibberish and squeal.

You can grab these guys next week, so get ready!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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