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40K: Forge World Focus – Agripinaa

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Sep 15 2017

Forge World Agripinaa is known for its servitors and its stratagems. A deadly combination on the tabletop.

There is no Forge World more zealous about converting useless flesh bodies into perfect machine servants than the Forge World of Agripinaa. They understand, rightly, that the measly flesh and blood of Imperial citizens is worthless. Indeed, all flesh is weak. Humanity is worthless. Its only purpose is to serve the Motive Force. So to that end, they jam robot parts inside of them and remove all the pesky emotions and consciousness bits.

Why, they’ll take on refugees from fallen Cadia and give them a new purpose as a Kataphron Destroyer or some other kind of battle servitor. Why bother training troops when you can just take one person and get everything you need out of them.

And being situated so close to the remnants of Cadia and the Eye of Terror means that they’re no strangers to defending themselves. The servitors (and their masters) of Agripinaa are experts at fighting defensively, and are so used to the onrushing tide of Bloodletters, Poxwalkers, Berserkers, and other assorted Chaos melee units that they have basically programmed themselves to be better at Overwatch.

And yet they’ll still first pick Hanzo every time.

This is kind of a big one. Most of the Ad-Mech units have pretty decent guns (and many have even better ones), so even charging at things like a Dunecrawler or a unit of Rangers means opening your enemies up to more hits than normal.


And when they’re firing things like an Icarus Array or an Eradication Beamer at whatever charges them, that 5+ can make all the difference. This even gets better when you realize it powers through things that debuff your shooting.

But, you didn’t come here for an increase in Overwatch effectiveness. You came to Agripinaa for the servitors. At least I hope you did, because that’s what you’re going to get. Did your enemy shoot up most of your servitors? Too bad, you still have a full strength unit ready to go. When you need servitors, just give Agripinaa a call, their because operators are standing by ready to bring you a crateful of battlemen.

Fresh Converts seems incredibly powerful. Now, sure, it only works on Servitors and Kataphron because they’re the robo-zombies who are less man than machine–but this means you can redeploy with a unit(s) that’s objectively better than a unit of Chaos Cultists (because every unit is objectively better than Chaos Cultists. Even Conscripts. Especially conscripts) ready to reach out and touch someone with a new set of Heavy arc rifles or Grav-Cannon.

And that, presumably, is just the tip of the iceberg. Agripinaa will doubtless have its own Warlord Trait etc., but we’ll just have to wait and see what those look like. In the meantime, please report to the nearest Mechanicus repository to be converted into a battle servitor.


Your compliance is not just appreciated, it’s mandatory!

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