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40K: Relics Of The Death Guard

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Sep 14 2017

The Death Guard are marching onward and they have their own custom relics at their disposal! Come see the “gifts” of the Death Guard!

Much like the codexes before them, the Death Guard have their own set of custom Relic upgrades they can bring to the table. If you’re not interested in running one of the named characters and want to customize your own, then these relics are for you!



This super plague weapon has all the benefits of being a Plague Weapon – that means it can re-roll to wound rolls of 1s and benefits from any nasty Psychic Power buffs (looking at you Blades of Putrefaction) or Stratagems you might want to toss out there when you use it. And because those Mortal Wounds are coming from two different sources, we’re pretty sure they stack. It’s a “Double Dose” of that plague-goodness from Papa Nurgle!

Dolorous Knell

This one only works on the Noxious Blightbringer – but it makes him even stinkier, which is a feat! At the start of each morale phase each enemy unit with 7″ of this model suffers a Mortal Wound on a 6. And if your opponent takes any morale tests within 7″ of the Noxious Blightbringer then they roll two dice and discard the lowest!

The Suppurating Plate


This one is going to be a big star of the show. First off, it gives a character a 2+ save. That’s already good. But every time you pass a saving throw in the fight phase, roll a die. On a 4+ the unit that inflicted the wound suffers a Mortal Wound instead! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

The Pandemic Staff

This one is plain and simple – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking! I don’t know how many failed Smite rolls I’ve had by 1 at this point – but it’s a lot. The Pandemic Staff just helps to make your Smite that much more reliable. As an added benefit, you’re also +1 to casting a “Super Smite” power…so that’s cool.

Fugaris’ Helm

This is ANOTHER relic we think will be very popular. It increases the radius of your aura debuffs/buffs by 3″ bringing most of those abilities up to a 10″ range. That’s a massive amount of board space to cover! Mix in the right Aura and that could really amp-up the disease and death!

The Plague Skull of Glothila

We know that the Death Guard have a “thing” for Grenades. This one is right up there and is perfect for helping to take on hordes of troops. Much like Plague Wind, the bigger the unit, the better it gets. Now, it’s only a once per game thing so we don’t know how often this will actually get used – but it’s pretty fluffy! Maybe it should be used in Narrative Games as a reward for victory…


That’s all the Relics of the Death guard – they have some pretty mean ones that will help you customize your characters how YOU want to. It’s not hard to see how some of these will work really well with their Psychic Powers and Stratagems…there are also a few other tricks up their sleeves when you toss in Warlord traits, too…


Should there be 7 Relics? I feel like that would have been the perfect amount for some reason.

Author: Adam Harrison
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