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40K Rumors: A Whiff of WAAAGH

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Sep 4 2017

There’s a little murmur out there on the Greenskins 40K fans from a reliable rumormonger.  Check out the latest:

For years and years going back to the heyday of Warseer, when 75Hastings69 says something is coming soon, you could take it to the bank.


The old rumormeister doesn’t drop stuff into the rumorsphere often, so when he does – pay attention.  Here’s what we dropped last week on DISQUS:



GW has said just this weekend at NOVA that 8 of the promised 10 codexes have been officially unveiled and will be be here by November.

That leaves 2 unaccounted for in December…


Is that a faint WAAAGH I hear in the holidays snows?


~What do you most want to see in a new Ork Codex?



Author: Larry Vela
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