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40K Tactics: Putting the Sass in Assassins – FTN

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Sep 25 2017

Power Armor based armies are struggling – Assassins could be your answer.

Power Armor based armies are struggling right now if you aren’t playing a coupe of the top end build or have a Primarch.   If you’re one of these folks who feel you may be getting left behind: Assassins could be your answer.  Then we close out the tactics talk with a Chaos Forge World discussion.



Hi Guys,

Hey Everyone,

This week we had a surprising number of folks ask us our opinions on assassins.  They wanted to know which ones were the best and why we thought so.  This topic lined right up with our discussion on how to make a Power Armor based list with no Primarch.  Let’s face it.. not everyone has one and we still want to play our factions!


Andrew and Paul got to spend some time with a new buddy from the Glacial Geek YouTube channel this week.  He filmed a battle report facing off against Andrew and I.  I can’t want to see it go live on his channel.  We brought some friendly lists and it was a lot of fun slugging it out.

In the middle of the show Chris and Paul catch up with Geek and Sundry contributor Raf Cordero.  He is a new 40k player – brand new – first games he has ever played are in 8th edition.  Chris Morgan has been walking him through the background and figuring out which faction he wants to play.  We thought it would be cool to speak to him about his journey.

In the second half of the show we talk a little bit about Warzone: Atlanta before bringing up a couple of hot Chaos items people have been using at tournaments.  We speak specifically about the Malefic Lord and the Giant Chaos Spawn.  The Spawn… I’m not so hot on but the Malefic lord is a problem.  He’s very cheap, he Smites just as good as anyone else and can go Super Saiyan when you least expect it.

This little model is something people are getting pretty worked up over.   He is an HQ choice but even with limited detachments for matched play you can cram a WHOLE LOT of them into a 2000 point list.    What’s the answer?  Should something like Smite get harder to cast each successive time you attempt?  So 5+ the first time 6+ the second, 7+ the third, etc?   Should all psykers come with some sort of mandatory minimum point level of 100 points?  I’m just spit balling here but with these little guys being incredibly efficient mortal wound generators is that too overpowered?   I don’t know that it is.  I think it’s great to have powerful units in the game that people fear.

Smitehorde is another issues all together…

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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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