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40K: Top 5 Favorite Ad Mech Weapons

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Sep 23 2017

After playing with the Ad Mech all week there were a few weapons that stood out to us – check out our favorite weapons of the Ad Mech!

The Adeptus Mechanicus has a pretty diverse arsenal of weaponry. While we didn’t have every single model from the range, we did get some other test games in that really showcased how deadly and adaptable this army can be. There were more than a few weapons that impressed us but we boiled the list down to 5 of our favorites. So here they are in no particular order! (Note: We didn’t count the Relics in this list, although those are pretty awesome, too.)

Electrostatic Gauntlets

Wielded by the Corpuscarii Electro-Priests, these Gauntlets have a dual role of being deadly in both the shooting and assault phases. Each hit roll of a 6+ with this weapon causes 3 hits rather than 1. In an army that has a few ways to buff to-hit rolls (either through stratagems, characters, or canticles) those hits can escalate quickly. It would be nice if they had a -1 to the AP…but the volume of hits is what is going to kill things.

Plasma Caliver

Plasma Calivers are a type of Plasma Weapon used by Adeptus MechanicusSkitarii. This gun exchanges range for a terrifying rate of fire. A squad of Skitarii armed with several plasma calivers lights up the night with each volley. They risk life and limb in the process, as Imperial plasma weaponry is notoriously unreliable.

With the changes to Plasma in 8th, the Ad Mech have benefited from having the two fire modes. That said, we found a few more ways to really make a squad of Skitarii Vanguard truly terrifying. Having the right character nearby (or the right canticle in play) gives them the ability to re-roll 1s to hit. That means you can overcharge to your heart’s content! That, of course, up the damage to 2 per shot. There is also a Forge World specific stratagem that grants them +1 to wound and +1 damage on plasma shots. You can have 3 Plasma Calivers in a standard Vanguard squad…


And just for added kicks, don’t forget about those other stratagems that add bonuses to hit. Advance move your units into position and fire away with virtually no penalties! That’s a LOT of damage coming towards your opponent’s units.

Thermal Cannon

Thermal Cannons are a Titan-class weapon of the Imperium carried by Imperial Knights, specifically the Knight Errant. This powerful Melta Weapon is capable of easily vaporizing both steel and flesh, melting through thick fortress walls or turning a Battle Tank into a pile of molten slag.

Okay – this one might be a little cheating since it’s from the Questor Mechanicus Knights armory…but still, I as a reader pointed out the number of shots is now Heavy D6. That’s a BIG boost from before. Each shot has the ability to inflict D6 damage and if you’re at 18″ or less, you’re rolling 2D6 and taking the highest. The Ad Mech also have some other stratagems to keep Knights fighting at the highest levels. If you get luck that is a potential 36 damage in a single volley from Thermal Cannon! We don’t care what you are – that’s pretty scary!

Taser Lance

Taser Weapons are a type of weapon used by Adeptus MechanicusSkitarii. Powered by a hyperdynamo capacitor, taser weapons store an incredible amount of energy. A solid impact will cause this energy to discharge in a scorching blast. After unleashing the electrical discharge is stored by the electrothief prongs at goad’s tip.

Much like the Electro-static Gaunlets, Taser Lances are infamous around the BoLS HQ for generating way too many hits on the attack. This weapon on the Sydonian Dragoons has single-handedly won games during our test week. With the right buffs, you can get their ability to trigger on a 4+ on the dice. That can translate into a bucket-load of strength 8 attacks with a -1 AP and 2 damage heading towards your opponent’s face! It’s been super effective against all manner of units.


Icarus Array

This one is for all you Onager Dunecrawler fans out there. The Icarus Array is an entire weapon system in a single platform. It’s designed to be a very versatile Anti-Aircraft weapon with 3 different weapons rolled into one. When we first stumbled across it, I was a little surprised by what it could do – I know that you can fire all your weapons in 8th now, but this was one weapon with 3 different profiles. I’m not sure why GW did it this way, but that’s how it works. What impressed me personally was the sheer volume of firepower this thing could kick out. I highly recommend taking one because it will shred non-super sonic flyers as they float along the battlefield. Plus, the model is just cool…and that’s always worth noting!

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The Adeptus Mechanicus Codex is out now – do you have a favorite weapon/weapons from their Armory?

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