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GW: Open War Card Events – Proving It Can Be Done

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Sep 23 2017

Games Workshop said that you could run an event by using the Open War Cards – And the Throne of Skulls is proving that statement true!

When the Open War Cards were announced we thought they were a great way to rebalance the random pick-up game. We also caught on to the message that GW was putting out there: “Just because they are designed for Open Play, doesn’t mean you can’t run an event with them!”

And they are.

The Throne of Skulls on 11th and 12th of November is going to be using these cards and that is a really good testing ground, not just for the cards themselves, but also for players of all skills types.

via Warhammer Community

Open War brings the truth of war to the gaming table: few plans survive contact with a howling mob of Orks under the cover of night. With literally thousands of combinations, the Open War cards allow you to create a unique game of Warhammer 40,000 with less effort than it takes to draw three cards from a deck!

So as you can see the great strength of the Open War format for playing games is that each game will be different as you will never quite know what to expect. This makes it perfect for our Throne of Skulls, where sportsmanship and attitude are prized as highly as your ability as a general. We expect to see true generals temper themselves in this crucible, as they adapt to changing circumstance with a smile on their face and a laugh on their lips.


The randomized Deployment, Objectives, and Twist cards are going to be used at the Event. We’re not 100% sure on the Ruse cards because their article mentions using them but it’s unclear if they mean in general or for the event. The Sudden Death Cards, however, are not going to be used at Throne of Skulls because each player should have a 120 Power Rating list.

Having said that, this sounds amazing. There are thousands of combinations that are going to be up for grabs at the event. Heck, even if the event completely sells out, they won’t end up using all the different combinations. That means each game at each table is going to have a slightly different experience and take on the games they play. That’s a feat that you can’t accomplish with a standard tournament.

I think this is going to be a challenge no matter what you bring. Every list-type out there is going to have an Objective, Deployment or Twist that is just going to be rough (or awesome) for them. Going for a Rock-Paper-Scissors “standard” meta type list might not be the best way to go for this event. At the end of the day it’s going to take a lot of skill to pull off an over-all victory for this event! That sounds pretty amazing to me.

You can sign up for the event now – tickets are going quick


Randomized missions that no one can optimize lists for? An event that will boil down to player skill and not who has “the most meta” list? Awesome terrain and enthusiastic hobbyists with awesome armies? Where do I sign-up?! Oh right…the link above.


Author: Adam Harrison
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