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AoS: Shadespire Gets A New Home

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Sep 28 2017

Games Workshop has a brand new site for all things Shadespire – Come take a look!

Shadespire is coming October 14th and to get you started, Games Workshop has put together a new site dedicated to the cursed city.

via Warhammer Community

The Shadespire website has arrived! If you’ve been dying to dive into the City of Mirrors for yourself, this is your first step, providing your guide to the game, the city, and the warbands. We’re also very happy to announce when Shadespire will be available to pre-order – you’ll be able to secure your copy on the 14th of October.

This site is similar in feel to the Blood Bowl site and it’s pretty easy to navigate around. I particularly liked the Warbands section where they have a preview and history of some of the impending warbands:


You can also get wrapped up in a the history of the city itself. The Settings section does a good job of explaining how the city ended up Cursed by the Lord of Death…and why folks would willing go there.

The site also features some other free downloads you can peruse at your leisure. So if you’re interested in learning more about Shadespire go check out the new site!

Free Downloads

Quickstart Guide


Reference Sheet


We got to play a pair of demos and we really enjoyed it. We can’t wait to see what else Games Workshop has in store for this game. It’s new take on the small scale skirmish/board game style and we think players of all types are going to like it.



Be on the look out for Shadespire on October 14th!

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