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Black Crusading with the Black Legion: Termies FTW

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Sep 22 2017
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If you like all things terminator and are evil this could be the army for you. For the Warmaster!

This is the first part on a tactical article on Black Legion. If you like all things terminator and are evil this could be the army for you. Black Legion was the love child of Abbadon the Despoiler, who is still a super beat stick on the table top, even more so now.


While my focus is on Abbadon and Chaos terminators one of the nice things about Black Legion is you have access to other great units like Berzerkers and Plague Marines since many follow the call to serve in his Black Crusades terrorizing the Imperium. Abbadon took many under his personal flag giving them a safe haven upon the Vengeful Spirit and had a keen appreciation for psykers.

Speartip – follow me – CHARGE!


I first started playing this style of army back when the Horus Heresy (30k) was released. The Horus Heresy rules allow you to field an army composed entirely of terminators, which is a Legion first company. An adjustment for me is the higher cost in points for transports as I use Land Raiders to transport my terminator squads. Sure terminators are a bit more survivable now with two wounds apiece but there are lots of armor piercing weapons that dish out multiple wounds. Land Raiders are beasts as well and can soak some damage while dishing out long range armor crushing wounds with four lascannon shots and Machine Spirit.


If you opt to go all terminators then the Vanguard detachment allows you to field elites with no troops. You’re giving up having objective secured units so keep that in mind. Black Legion terminators get some really amazing buffs from Abbadon such as rerolling hits and ignoring morale. I take a lot of lightning claws on my terminators since hitting on 3+ with a reroll is to hit and wound is always a good thing. I have some chainfists as well for the straight 3 damage too. It takes some balls to play an army like this and there are those noobz who will dis it but let’s be honest – what do they know?

Black Legion is an army that can rock the big buffs to take your army straight over the top. I’ve already pointed out what Abbadon can do but you’ve also got some crazy good strategems and psychic buffs. A highly recommend a Sorcerer in terminator armor with Mark of Tzeentch. Abbadon can use a lot of the CSM strategems since he is aligned with all four of the Chaos Gods.

I like to run one big squad of Chaos terminators to escort the Despoiler and the Sorcerer all teleporting onto the battlefield. They are the bomb and run havoc through enemy lines. They can soak wounds with the right buffs then punch a big hole into enemy lines. Take care with your squads riding in the land raiders as they are more fragile and must take care of every day tasks such as grabbing objectives and punching Ynnari in the ding ding.

Here’s a Black Legion battle report versus Bad Moonz

I have played this army many times and done very well with it. Based on my experience playing 30k it’s very tactical but currently loses objective secured in 40k which can be a big deal. On the plus side this style of army is resilient and can dish out a lot of pain Black Crusader style. Like I said if you like terminators this could be right up your alley!


~What do you think of all or nothing hi-risk high reward armies like these?

Author: Steve Turner
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