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Next Week’s 40K – AoS Prices & Products CONFIRMED

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Sep 21 2017
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This week more Death Guard arrive with a helping of the Age of Sigmar. Get your wallet ready for a glorious month!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

Week 3 of the Death Guard and a Campaign supplement for Age of Sigmar players looking for a narrative setting.


Warhammer 40,000

Death Guard Blightlord Terminators £35 $60


Death Guard Foul Blightspawn £15 $25


Death Guard Typhus – Herald of Plague £25 $40


Age of Sigmar

Season of War – Firestorm £35 $65

Age of Sigmar: Anvilgard $170


Age of Sigmar: Hammerhal $170

Age of Sigmar: Tempest’s Eye $170

Black Library

Cadia Stands (Paperback) £18 $27

Under almost constant besiegement by the hosts pouring from the Eye of Terror, Cadia acts as a bulwark against tyranny and death. Its fortresses and armies have held back the hordes of Chaos for centuries, but that grim defiance is about to reach its end. As Abaddon’s Thirteenth Black Crusade batters Cadia’s defences, and armies of the Imperium flock to reinforce this crucial world, a terrible ritual long n the making comes to fruition and the delicate balance of this brutal war shifts… From the darkness, a hero rises to lead the beleaguered defenders, Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed, but even with the armoured might of the Astra Militarum and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes, will it be enough to avert disaster and prevent the fall of Cadia? While Creed lives, there is hope. While there is breath in the body of a single defender, Cadia stands… but for how much longer?

Written by Justin D Hill


Blackshields: The False War (audiobook) £12 $17.50

Renouncing fealty to all masters or driven mad by the rigours of war, the Blackshields are a stain upon any Legion they once served. Regarded as little better than pirates, their loyalty is only to themselves. Infamous among their mercenary ranks is Endryd Haar, a former World Eater, driven by hatred, his blade pledged to no banner but his own. But estranged from his Legion and surrounded by a battered warband of warriors, how long can Haar and his Blackshields hope to endure?

Written by Josh Reynolds

~What are you picking up?


Author: Larry Vela
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