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FFG: Runewars: Aymhelin Scions Preview

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Sep 19 2017

The arrival of the Scions of the Deepwood is imminent. Come see what the trees have wrought!

Fantasy Flight Games is back with a new preview of the Aymhelin Scions who will be joining the forces of the Latari Elves in Runewars. We’ve gotten a sneak peek at them before. Now we’re getting even more details about these walking scions of the deepwood’s will.

via FFG


Now, as threats arise in the realm of Terrinoth, the Latari must leave the safety of Aymhelin behind to defend the land. When they do so, they will take the strength of the forest itself with them and unleash nature’s fury upon their foes. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Aymhelin Scions Unit Expansion for the Latari Elves Army Expansion of Runewars Miniatures Game!

The Aymhelin Scions are a tough siege unit. Their defense stat is equal to the number of stable energy runes + 1 which can make for a shocking defense. They are also very versitle on offense as well with a red and blue die when attacking at range and a red and two blue dice when attacking in melee. Those dice offer a good shot at generating a surge icon which can be used to cause your target to take a stun token.

Their ties to the magical energy on the battlefield also influence their movement. They aren’t the fastest unit out there, but if you get lucky, the Aymhelin Scions can surprise an opponent with a very fast shamble at the 3 initiative.


FFG also showed off two new cards for the Scions. Previously we got a look at the Support Aymhelin Scion option and the Frontline Aymhelin Scion cards:


Now we’re getting a look at two more upgrade cards that will come in handy for the elves:


Vicious Roots is a great way to setup a charge for a unit. After the Scions declare a target that is in range 1-3, they can discard Viscous Roots to force the enemy to lose all bonuses and receive an immobilization token.

Cursed Signets is another card the Scions can really take advantage of thanks to their high wound count. Sometimes taking the damage is better than taking the Bane.

For more info on these powerful defenders of the Deepwood read the full preview rundown from FFG right HERE. The Aymhelin Scions are due out pretty soon and are up for Pre-order at your FLGS right now!

Aymhelin Scion Unit Expansion $34.95

When the children of Latariana sound the horn for battle, the very forest answers their call. Roots erupt from the earth in a peal of thunder while limbs crack and sway as if in a gale. Moss, leaves, and flowers shift and fall and bloom again with the movements of living trees. What once appeared an old knot suddenly glows with living green light as the will of the forest awakens

The Aymhelin Scion Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game includes two Aymhelin Scion Plastic Figures, Two Plastic Siege Movement Trays and eight upgrade cards to enhance your army of Latari Elves!


The Trees…They move with an unnatural fury…


Author: Adam Harrison
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