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AoS: The Firestorm Begins

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Sep 18 2017

The Season of War is getting an expansion with Firestorm and Games Workshop has new details on how it’s going to go down!

via Warhammer Community

Firestorm is a new way to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, allowing you and your friends to battle for supremacy in map-based campaigns. As you win battles, you’ll be able to capture territories and build a kingdom of your own, adding powerful gameplay benefits to your army. Inside the box, you’ll find the campaign map, decks of dominion cards for each player and stickers to mark your impact on the Realm of Fire – all of these are fully reusable, meaning after one Firestorm campaign you’re free to set up another one. There are unique strategic challenges to map-based play for gamers, while for narrative players this is an easy way to structure a campaign. Firestorm has been designed to be compatible with any kind of play – you can fight your battles in tense games of Skirmish or try the new siege rules from the General’s Handbook 2017, or even string them together to create varied, rich, and thematic games.

That’s not all – Firestorm also has a ton of new allegiance abilities that will be available to use in Open, Narrative and Matched Play. Here’s how those will work:

With the new General’s Handbook out, there are more allegiance abilities than ever to customise your collection. Firestorm allegiance abilities act as an additional allegiance ability for your army on top of any others it may already have; a Hammerhal Darkling Covens army, for instance, would benefit from both the Hammerhal traits and the Darkling Covens traits.

As an example, Games Workshop showed off what the Pride of Hammerhal ability looks like also:


That is really going to help out with units in the Order arsenal. It really benefits low model count, elite armies as you can get a massive boost for being outnumbered. At the same time, even high model count armies like Freepeoples will appreciate the +1 to their Bravery just for being from Hammerhal!

For More on Hammerhal check out the full article here

There are lots more Cities and Warlord armies in the expansion and we’ll be checking those out all week as well! I love campaign supplements because it’s always interesting to see how they are setup and what special rules are applied. Playing in a campaign also ups the stakes for me as well. It’s a lot more interesting to get invested in a 6 week campaign with friends than to just play pick-up games all the time. Plus, it’s neat to see armies and characters change as the narrative of the campaign develops. If you’ve never played in a campaign, give it a shot! They can be very rewarding – plus you’ll have stories to tell in your gaming group for years to come.


Are you excited about a new campaign supplement from Games Workshop?



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