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Grymkin: The Heretic Gets the Last Laugh

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Sep 7 2017

We are taking a look at the Grymkin battlebox caster today – the HERETIC!

The Heretic is a joker at heart.  And his joke is being played on Menoth.  Besides making fun of the faithful in the Warmachine universe he has good battlefield controlling spells and abillities.  He himself is also a tough nut to crack as he is immune to some of the more debilitating effects like knock down!  If you like a tough joker who wants to cleanse the world of the faithful then the Heretic might be the warlock for you.


The Heretic Toolkit:

  • Divinity and Sacred Ward:The Heretic is immune to blind and knockdown and can’t be targeted by spells.
  • Godlike Power:He can cast an enemy warlocks spell if it was cast in his control area in the previous turn.
  • Gallows: Great for pulling enemies in closer.
  • Fury: Helps models do massive damage in melee.
  • Hex Blast: Remove enemy upkeeps
  • Rebuke: Stop orders
  • Wall of Fire: Useful infantry deterrent.


The Heretic Trump:

The Heretic Trump is RECKONING.  It is triggered when an enemy model kills a friendly Grymkin model in the Heretic’s control area.  The enemy unit is +2+2 attack/damage rolls against it for the following turn.  It can be moved to a new target if they are wiped out.  This can be great to hit on a beast or solo you know you can kill the next turn and then thrown on the enemy caster or other priority target.

A List Build for a Heretic!:

This list combines the usefulness of the Cage Rage to arc spells while still having a large amount of infantry and 2 Skin and Moans to get the heavy lifting done.

Grymkin Army – 75 / 75 points


!!! Your army contains a pre-release entry.

(Heretic 1) The Heretic [+28]
– Cage Rager [14]
– Crabbits (2) [7]
– Skin & Moans [15]
– Skin & Moans [15]
Cask Imp (2) [1]
Cask Imp (2) [1]
Glimmer Imp [4]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Murder Crows [9]
Death Knell [13]


Fighting a Heretic:

Remember the Heretic is immune to most things so don’t expect to knock him down and drop him.  The Heretic doesn’t do much for ranged defense for his army.  So guns and spells can unload on his more important models with little recourse but, to run at you.  Watch out for a gallows pulling your caster out of position and it should be a safe game.


~What do you think of the blasphemer Heretic for the Grymkin?  


Author: Revenant
  • Privateer: Hordes of Grymkin Available in Force