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GW Resets the Squat Clock Themselves

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Sep 4 2017

It’s a strange world we live in when GW steps forward themselves and mentions the Squats…


The Squats were originally mentioned at length with multiple pieces of artwork in the Rogue Trader hardback that kicked off Warhammer 40,000 all the way back in 1987.

They made an early splash and had a decent range of miniatures in those early days of the Grimdark. Here is a color plate of sample Squat Brotherhoods from Book of the Astronomican in 1988.

squat-brotherhoods-astronomiconThey soldiered on throughout Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition – disappearing entirely in 1998 with the launch of 3rd Edition.

Read the Full Squat History Here

The stunties have been gone for 20 years now and to this day apocryphal legend of the “Squat Clock” that exists in GW headquarters are still told. They say that when the clock strikes midnight the Squats will return, but that the clock is reset anytime the squats are mentioned aloud.  It has been a sore spot for fans for two decades and still stands the first and only entire army that has been removed from Warhammer 40,000.

So with the Dawning of 8th Edition we have some interesting things to note.

Squats are Mentioned in the Rulebook

Look here on p.279 of the main rulebook, indicating they still exist in the Imperium:


Talk of New Xenos

There is talk afoot of something going on with Xenos coming to the Tabletop. Remember this bit from White Dwarf:

“If we know well the main actors on the galactic scene. Warhammer 40k encompass a great number of minor xenos species that showed up during the years. They are generally those that escaped the great xenocide purges of the great crusade but without the number, strength or will to conquer great domains like the Aeldary or the Orks .
In the galaxy, humanity encountered the Nicassars, Barghesis, Demiurgs, Sslyths, Nagis , Jokaeros, K’nibs, Lacrymoles, Laers, Psy-Gores, Xenarchs, Hruds, Tarelians, Chromes, Loxatls, Megarachnids, Kinebrach, Saruthis, Rak’Gols, Slaughts
And those are only a fraction of those identified as conscious. Imperial scholars have described beast since the publication of Rogue Trader. Some of those abominations have come to the tabletop under the guise of modern miniatures in service of existing army. Like the Genestealers (who happened to be working for the Hive Fleets), or the Razorwings (often raised by the Drukhari). Other are missing from the battlefield but lurk in the background of stories, like the Hruds or the Demiurgs. It is possible that some other see the light of day in the future. And some are wondering if we will see an Ambull again ….”

GW Reset the Clock Themselves

Just today GW posts this on their daily blog:

“Abhumans are mutants, humans who have, through deliberate genetic manipulation or chance mutation, fallen out of acceptable bounds for genetic purity. These range from the feral Beastmen to fan favourites like the Ogryns and Ratlings. Popular rumours abound of diminutive, intrepid humans called Squats, but such talk is surely rumour and happenstance.”


What’s It All Mean

As Ian Fleming told us in Goldfinger: “Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.”  

I’m not about to say the Squats are making a triumphant return.  But GW is up to something… They haven’t been this cheeky about xenos and Squats in particular in decades.  I’m just saying with the Great Rift tearing the galaxy in two – anything could happen…

~What do you think they are up to?

Author: Larry Vela
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