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Mantic – Kings of War: Edge of The Abyss Reaches its Climax

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Sep 20 2017

Mantic has a new update for their Edge of the Abyss Campaign!

via Mantic Games

As the battle for Mantica reaches its peak, there are tales of heroism and villainy abound, as the forces of good struggle to counter the Abyss and their allies.


In the early days of the conflict, it seemed that there was a ray of hope for the Green Lady’s alliance as the forces of evil were held back in every realm, save for the edges of their own domain. However, as the skies darken and the power of the Wicked Ones waxes full, the armies of evil have managed to overrun the Forests of Galahir and the legendary Twilight Glades. Woe betide those who are caught in their path.

The Hokh-Man has been no stranger to conflict either, with both the Forces of the Abyss and the Empire of Dust wresting the ports under their control. If the forces of good can’t take these back, the Empire of Dust will be free to sail on the civilised world, bringing undeath and ruination to all they find.


In the wake of such destruction, the Forces of the Abyss are running rampant throughout Mantica, being sighted as far out as the Ardovakian Plain. It would seem that these infernal creatures are feeding on the suffering caused by their invasion, empowering them to further acts of savagery and terror. With all of the the fallen warriors from both sides, Necromancers and Vampires have no shortage of armies to raise and are following the the wake of the Abyssals with legions of their own. These are dark days indeed, with demons and copses walking the world.

The alliance of the Green Lady has been hard pressed on all fronts, with the Dwarfs holding the line in many battles with their famous stoicism. There are also tales of armoured knights joining battle alongside the Kingdoms of the Men. The Brotherhood’s fortress was destroyed when the war began, but it seems that the knightly order was not completely wiped out.

The more isolationist races of Mantica, such as the Herd and the Trident Realm seem to be avoiding the conflict for the most part, although representatives of both of these factions have joined with the Forces of Nature. With battles raging day and night within the Twilight Glades and the Edge of the Abyss, neither side is willing to give ground.

Mantica stands on the precipice, but who will decide the fate of the world?

Remember, you can take part in the Edge of the Abyss Campaign

by playing Kings of War and


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The Battle for Mantica rages and you too can join the fun! Generals, your aid has been called for so get out there and fight the enemy…before its too late.


That Dwarf Behemoth looks RAD!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • PP: More Grymkin Goodies Coming Soon